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My guess of the top 20 money making movies of this summer at the domestic box office. (May-August)
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Box officer predictions for the 2015 movie season domestically
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My predictions for the top 20 highest grossing movies that are released between May 1st and August 31st at the domestic box office.

BONUS: 5 flops of the summer (In order of release date)

1. Blended
2. A Million Ways to Die in the West
3. Earth to Echo
4. Jupiter Ascending
5. The Purge: Anarchy
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This is how much money i think movies will make this summer (May-August) and the order. Last year movies like The Help and Bridesmaids didnt even make my list so this year i tried to look outside the box for potential sleeper and also movies that i think are a little overrated like last years Cowboys and Aliens.

Summer disapointments:
1. Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter (After Cowboys and Aliens, people just are not eating up crazy fatasies.)
2. Total Recall (Will be competing head to head with The Borne Legacy and I pick Legacy to not bomb out)
3. The Dictator (Johnny Depp will out charm Borat that weekend and wiht The Avengers still competing and Men in Black comming in the near future, this is the movie that will be lost in the cracks)
4. Battleship (Not so good reviews so far and doesnt seem to be a lot of fan bzz surrounding it)
5. ParaNorman ( The tail end of the animated movies of the summer, movies that it looks like (Monster House, Corline) didnt do well at the box office)
a list of 15 titles
The 15 top movies i believe will make the most money this summer and also thier projected amounts (In US box office)