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Lab Rats (2012–2016)
Don't let the name fool you
2 February 2013
Don't let the name fool you. The name makes the show sounds very weird, which it isn't at all. The actors are very good, and the characters are very entertaining. The plots are also very entertaining, and not as predictable as the other Disney shows, which is wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised that Disney made a good show. They've been making some very bad shows lately, but this one was a home run! I'm in love with the characters. Bree is so cute, Adam is such an idiot and everything he says is so unbelievably stupid and funny, and Chase is such a know it all. He reminds me of Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place. Overall, this show was a pleasant surprise, and very different than the rest of the typical Disney shows. I love Lab Rats! Give it a chance! It's so funny!
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The Suite Life on Deck (2008–2011)
2 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Most of Disney's shows are lame, and just not entertaining. I could watch this show all day long. This show is great for little kids, teenagers, and adults. The characters are funny, and I love how honest they are. They talk about things that I never would've thought Disney would have. They also have a lot of humor that you wouldn't believe they would say. The episode where Cody went to live with Monks, Woody makes a joke about a "little dingy" (a small rowboat). I just love how they aren't trying to shelter kids, and give them good jokes. Another reason why this show is so wonderful is how educational it is. They travel around the world, showing kids different heritages. I also love how good the characters are. They aren't bratty or snobby... well besides London ;) The characters are such good role models. I also love how they accept each other. All of the characters are so different, yet their good friends. London and Addison are airheads, Bailey and Cody are smart, Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiler are great adult figures, Maya and Marcus are cool, and Zack and Woody are goofy. You can relate to all of them! Overall, this show is funny, educational, and just a wonderful show.
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See Dad Run (2012–2014)
17 December 2012
Typical characters (Dad who doesn't know how to take care of his kids, mom who doesn't trust dad to take care of kids, bratty teenage daughter, cute little sister, weird brother) The episodes are so predictable. You know exactly what's going to happen at the end. The characters do stupid things. There are lame jokes that have been used millions of times on other shows. I have seen many episodes of this show, and I've never laughed once while watching this show. Overall, this show is nothing special. I wouldn't even consider it entertaining. Take my advice, and skip this show. It's not worth watching. I can not express how stupid this show is. It's just so horrible
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iCarly (2007–2012)
iCarly is hilarious
5 November 2012
Such a great show! iCarly may be stupid, pointless, and unrealistic... but it gives you a good laugh!!! I have to admit, some of the characters are very stupid, but they're funny, which is what counts! Spencer is goofy, and exactly what you'd want in an older brother. Freddie is cute and techie. Carly is a goody goody, but she's a good character. Sam is funny, but violent and mean. T-Bo is hilarious... And Gibby... Gibby... Well Gibby's just Gibby. This show is very unique, and original. Most Disney shows are just the same concept over and over, but Nickelodeon is good at coming up with good, new ideas. I really like this show, and when it ends, I'll be very sad :(
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Very funny, cute, and entertaining show
3 November 2012
I don't know why this show got so many bad reviews. It's very funny, the characters are hilarious, and the plots are also hilarious. The sets look so real on this show too! Suite Life of Zack and Cody is also very educational in my opinion. I love how Maddie and London go to a Catholic School. Disney usually tries to keep away from anything that has to do with Religion. This show talks about Religion every once in a while, which I think is a good thing. You shouldn't shelter kids from the real world. Most of the shows on Disney Channel are boring, and have the same plots but just change the location and characters. This show stands out a lot to me. One thing that I love is that adults will find the show funny too. They have a lot of adult humor that kids also will find funny. Overall, it's a fantastic show. It's a little stupid, but it's very funny. This show NEVER gets old. You can watch an episode a million times, and it will still be funny!
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Hannah Montana (2006–2011)
Very cute show
2 November 2012
This show may be annoying, unrealistic, and stupid... but it's a very cute show. The characters aren't complete brats, unlike shake it up and the crap they have on TV now. The plot of the show is that Miley Stewart lives two lives, the life of a pop star, and the life of a normal teenage girl. She makes stupid decisions, but always learns her lesson at the end of the day. The characters are hilarious. Miley is sort of bratty, Lilly is sweet, Oliver is dorky and funny, Jackson is the funniest character of all by annoying the heck out of Miley by being disgusting, Robby is the funny dad who likes to teach his kids lessons. This show shows the true meaning of friendship, and responsibility, which isn't in most of the shows that are around today. If only shows like this were around today, maybe all of the kids in the world would be less like brats.
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