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VERY funny movie...HIGHLY recommended, 24 August 2004

First the bad (though not truly bad at all): As I was watching this movie, I immediately knew the story as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This story is definitely not an original piece. In that aspect I was disappointed that credit wasn't given. I would have seen it much sooner if it were the case, because that is my favorite book. They call "10 Things I Hate About You" a modern adaptation of Taming of the Shrew, but for anyone who's read it, the movie barely resembles the story. Bridget Jones's resemblance, however, is so plain and obvious, yet wasn't credited; except on IMDb. Part 2 is sure to prove whether this writer has the ability to originate a plot.

Now the good: The humor was definitely original and HILARIOUS. This movie actually made me laugh out loud... Something that most comedies today can't get me to do. And I'm not a super serious person, on the contrary, I can be a total ham sometimes. But this movies shows how foolish you can look when you're desperate, and this through the person's own private thoughts as written in her diary. It makes for some GREAT comedy. Renée Zellweger does a great job and stays in character wonderfully throughout the movie. While another comment said Colin Firth was wooden, I happen to think differently. His character was quiet and actually somewhat oppressed by his colleague/girlfriend. But I think he did a good job of not letting this slip into cold and cruel. I'm not particularly attracted to him, but after this movie I fell in love (not literally, silly. ^_^). And I have actually watched other movies of his before this... so I'd say he did a great job.

Besides the total jacking of Ms. Austen's masterpiece, I'd say it's rather original comedy. 7 out of 10 for lack of story originality.

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Beautiful film, these other comments don't do it justice, 11 August 2004

Being a Japanese-American myself, I must say that PRACTICALLY every comment on here is pointless or doesn't do this film justice. Especially, the one from the perv talking about having sex with and under-aged boy!!! ERASE THAT COMMENT! I cannot believe IMDb even posted such a comment! And who cares about the details, like the military truck driving around. This is not meant to be a historically accurate movie... it's the story and message that's important.

The movie was so touching and showed how, inspite of what was going on, not all people are bad because they're associated with a certain people. This is a message we can especially take into consideration now. It also showed the beautiful innocence of children and how they might be just as quick to judge, which is only because it's a trait learned from adults, but they let doing the right thing matter more. Something we as adults can learn a lesson from. There was a particularly sad portion of the story dealing with the internment camps. It brought the situation into a whole new light and showed how, I'm sure, it really was for some... People you grew up with your whole life, who were born and raised in America forced to leave their homes, friends, and jobs. What the Japanese did was wrong, yes. But the Americans bombed whole cities full of innocents with aftermath that killed for years. Plus, they stole the freedom of their own, in their own country, just because they were of Japanese descent. It's a heart-wrenching piece of history told in a story that anyone can relate to, not just those who were in the military. Highly recommended. 9 out of 10 only because the flow or editing of events was a little choppy.

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Heartwarming and funny, 30 July 2004

First, there is NO way the remake can be as good, because Japanese society is quite different from ours and plays such a major part in this film, as explained in the opening narration. It adds to the humor as well as warmth of this movie. There is slew of different supporting characters/personalities. Each does there part in making this movie wonderful. This movie is full of comedy that isn't vulgar in anyway like most of today's "gross-out comedies." Yet it can still have you laughing out loud. The reality is, in real life, you don't have a choice of who you work with or go to school with...etc. This movie truly emphasizes that and shows that the natural good in people can overcome petty differences. Not to mention, it makes for a great sub-plot and much of the humor. This is a story about dance that actually has a story, and a good one at that. There are a few back stories that are not out of place, but actually support the main storyline. Truly a well written film. The dancing is great, too. I happen to be a fan of any movie with dancing of any sort, for that aspect. However, this movie goes beyond any other with dance, in the fact that, it is a story First and just happens to be written about dancing in Japanse society. Highly recommended.

10 out of 10.

The Ring (2002)
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See the original Japanese version and see the movie the way it should be., 22 July 2004

First, even if u don't believe in the supernatural, the Japanese story-line was much more detailed, flawless, and just plain Good. But if u didn't believe in the supernatural or at least fear the unknown, like SO many do in one form or another, then u shouldn't have been the slightest bit un-nerved by this movie. The Japanese version, like many eastern countries and their religions, may seem to delve too deep in the supernatural side for most of modern America. Especially for those who need an explanation for everything.

But even the thought of Sadako (Samara) being conceived from a "demon seed", so to speak, is not so crazy as to make the movie less enjoyable. Even the BIBLE says that the Philistine giants (Goliath of David and Goliath) were born from women who were impregnated by angels (or maybe Demons if u consider they are "fallen angels"). So, anyone with a spiritual side can just feel the skin crawling, un-nerving, spiritual disturb this movie gives. And while the American version obviously had better special effects, such as the distorted faces and Samara herself (her eye... eww), I personally found it scarier to see the realistic fear on the real faces. Not the physically impossible distortions the US version put in for cheap thrills. If you enjoyed the US version, I HIGHLY recommend u see the original. Just be open minded to the fact that it probably only had a fraction of the budget, which just adds to the awe in how good it is.

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This show should have made it., 8 July 2004

For anyone who remembers, Second Noah aired the same year as another popular, still running, family-oriented series with a big family... But unlike that show, Second Noah was edgier. Maybe TOO edgy for the year it aired??? The oldest son (heart-throb James Marsden) was actually the father to the youngest (adorable Gemini Barnett also from The Wedding Singer), was wanting to drop out of school, and dated the proverbial bad-girl. And the rest of the adopted siblings had their own issues. Wanting to know their biological parents, feeling out of place... etc. While such a ethnically diverse family is uncommon, their issues weren't. Viewers just happened to be drawn to the sugar coated, bubblegum version of a rival show. Not to mention, being shot on location instead of on set provided some beautiful footage that made for a Real, warm, loving, homey feel.