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A list of my all time favourite films as of right now. When I see more films that I love then I will probably update this list or make a newer version of it. This is my list as of the 28th January 2014!!!!

UPDATED 1st Feb: Hobbit Trilogy OUT 2001: A Space Odyssey IN
UPDATED 19th Feb: Goodfellas Moves Up 1 Spot
UPDATED 8th March: Eternal Sunshine IN Kill Bill OUT
UPDATED 30th March: 50/50 IN Casino OUT
UPDATED 7th May: Empire Strikes Back IN 50/50 OUT
UPDATED 24TH July: Social Network IN Alien OUT
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My list of the ten worst films I have ever seen. Please note three things: that they are in no order, I have not seen every bad film ever which is a very good thing and this list isn't the worst made films of all time, but the ones that I just can't stand whatsoever or found little to no enjoyment in.
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Which one of these bad remakes do you believe to be the best? For instance if you were locked in a room and had to watch just ONE of these films which would it be?
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List of the popular films and games featured in How It SHould Have Ended
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What are each Bond actors?
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I list all the Bond films ever made including the ones not in the main 23!