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These are just the film soundtracks I like the most.
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These are men so hot that I, a straight guy, would sleep with them if offered the chance.
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People for whom I possess a respectful disliking.
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Men whom I absolutely adore watching in a movie.
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I don't mean gay as an insult. I mean gay as in blatantly homosexual and proud. Obviously, hardcore pornos aren't included. Don't take this list as derogatory or critical: I love the gay community and most of the movies on this list.
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Twenty-four films that I haven't seen of foremost viewing priority.
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Sorry if this list is a little bit smaller than my favorite actors, but I really want to be selective with these.
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This list is for directors who try to transcend the boundaries of entertainment in gleefully commercial movies. They are interesting because they have the convictions and originality of art house filmmakers, but use the methods of pop culture. The order is not based on quality of canon, but the extent to which these cultural philosophers embody the concept.
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I couldn't find an adequate list of German New Wave films on the internet, so I made one.
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Films of the New Hollywood movement. I'm not exactly a professional film scholar, so I'll try my best to make the classifications accurate.

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Favorite films of one of the finest critics ever.
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My favorite films focusing on the lives of adolescents.
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A genre of cinema that uses astronomical imagery and deals with deep philosophical concepts.
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Movies that tell the stories of thier makers.