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A good solid skit comedy show., 16 September 2014

When I was a kid growing up in the 80s, this show was the most popular show. I remember doing a writing on the show in grade 3, and the class responded well when i said the title, So it was popular. My favourite was Christine and Lisa. Those 2 backs must been sore, they carried the show during its heyday in the early 80s. When they left and most of the original cast from its heyday, it wasn't the same. I assume the kids grew up and pursue other passions or too old to be on the show, but that would be a crock I would loved to see Christine as a late 20s as the 3rd adult on the show. I like Les Lye, what a true star doing all adult male skits. RIP.

My favourite skits were the opposite skits where they show what wouldn't happen in real life like the mother allowing her teenage daughter with makeup on and look like a tramp. And the running gags of whats in Barthy Burger Overall from a 34 year old man looking back on YouTube episodes for nostalgia, I still get a laugh here and there. But I find some skits are too fast or repetitive, if the skits were more thorough it would been better. Generally it is a good show. But one beef I have is, it's theme is "You can't do that on Television." hence its name, trying too hard to push the boundaries with it's risqué content. Like the boy's audition for the show where he can't wear white as a rule, he had to strip his shirt, T-shirt, then pants, it came close to his underpants, where it could of been paedophilia. It is trying to hard to be controversial. Then there's the banned Adoption episode, and this is supposed to be a kids show.

I find this show somewhat good., 30 December 2013

I don't know why all the negative reviews here. This show was really funny 1st 5 years or so, but all good shows run out of steam, especially when you recycle jokes or scenes. Mike from Canmore scenes what I remember the show. If this show was terrible it would be gone long time ago, but it's been on since 90's and even way before hat on radio. Yeah the show got stale, and I don't watch no more. When I watch it, I found it funny and entertaining. Ever since John Morgan retired and passed way (RIP) it wasn't the same, and Roger Abbott's passing, his skits were truly funny and delivered well. Now the show has new faces, the show moved on. May not be the same as 1993, "but the show must go on." I give it a 5 of 10, which is fair or average. Not terrible as many would say.

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Some good moments, some watered down., 2 September 2013

The Weird Al show was a children's show that ran in 1997. Shout Factory was generous to release the full season (only season) of the parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic. This show is great for his fans and parents with children for something good to watch. People who dislike Al or never heard of him will probably not want to watch this; haters is going to hate.

CBS wanted Al to make it a children's show or keep it clean that Al have to abide to. Al did a great job abiding to the children's theme, but he probably wanted more creative control.

As for the show, it has great educational pointers for situation adhering to the children's demographic. With great guests including his mother and his friends like Judy Tenuta and music guest like Barenaked Ladies and Hanson. But the show was okay, but not to Al standards. Have you been to his concerts? He is over the top. There are some good shows, my favorite is Talent Show (with a funny Flintstone's skit). And there are some watered down episodes that just dragged like the last episode "Al gets robbed." What a sad way to end a show, bet Al was happy when it did.

With being said I bet if it had controlled by Al himself I give it a 7, 8 or 9-10. But I respectfully hand out a 6 of 10, which is fair grade. And I am a fan of Al, and I understand what he had to go through make the Weird Al show.

Gangland (2001)
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Good plot, executed badly, 25 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Objectively speaking; reading mountains worth of negative flack from the public, they hail Gangland the worse movie of all time. Back the truck up! Plan 9 from outer space is the worse. Gangland is a mere B movie pales in jurisdiction to Plan 9 a Z movie. Plan 9 is worse because for bad effects, like you can see the lines that holds up planets and what not. So comparing Gangland this movie is a step up.

Gangland has a decent plot, a post-apocalyptic world after nuclear fallout (sort of like Detroit today lol)which lead to a plague outbreak, and a doctor found a cure. He has to bring the cure to Phoenix but Gangland (gang) captures him and forces him to develop it for Lucifer (Leader of Gangland). Jared, Derek and Alexis sought out to save the doctor and kill Lucifer and bring the doctor to Phoenix.

But they didn't execute the movie too well, they could elaborate on the war and how the plague was set in by it. They added another Gangland made of muscle, he added zilch to it, for being pumped up of super steroids and DNA from the best soldiers, the monster doesn't hit as well. Stuff like being whipped for hours, Jared doesn't have lacerations on him, amazing! And the movie finished fast with a "Cliffhanger" feeling to it, but there is no sequel to it.

Conclusion: My favorite actor Sasha Mitchell in this movie. Nice to see his Cody Lambert persona in it. The protagonist weren't too bad, the antagonist stunk. This movie isn't too bad at all, but it is a B movie, what do you expect? Cody Lambert in a knight armor on a white horse saving the day?

Acting: 5/10 Plot 7/10 Execution: 2/10 Fighting: 4/10 MY Total: 18/40 = 45% which puts it 4/10 , 45% on a Metacritic scale would make this film bad.

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It is not a bad movie at all., 18 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Premise: A government agent is tracking what he believes to be a rogue android on a killing spree, disguised as a substitute teacher. That teacher is John Bolen, who arrives at a new high school to implement deadly discipline.

The conclusion: People may not like this movie, but it has some good moments. Sasha Mitchell is a charismatic figure on screen. he is imposing and fun to watch whether he plays an Italian, an airhead fun dude on a classic TV show or this. The supporting cast were good too. The writing could use more and acting could been better.

Spoiler alert. A substitute teacher shows up killing delinquents. A somebody is out to track him thinking it is the a surviving robot teacher from the 1st movie. Meanwhile a female teacher is testifying on a student who hassling or harassing or bullying her into not to. The climax is at a paint ball war games where John Bolen is doing a killing spree but the bully is out to kill the female teacher. A twist, John Bolen is not a killer robot but a demented kid of the creator of the robot. He eventually gets blown up in a bunker and all is good but with a twist at the very end.

This movie would be rated R, a nudity sex scene and blood and violence.

90's sitcom with real issues., 21 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Home Improvement was a real sitcom with real issues. It has gut-busting laughter with a touch of touchy reality. The premise of the show is about Tim Taylor and his family. Tim host a local cable TV show called "Tool Time." with the serious, knowledgeable Al Borland as assistant and Tool girl "Lisa" (Pam Anderson pre - Baywatch. Season 1 and 2), and Debbe Dunning )Season 3-8). The show is set in a Detroit suburb before the "Decline of Detroit."

Tim (Tim Allen) grew up without a father who died when he was 10, so he practically raised his brother. It is derived on his real father who died from drunk driving in real life. Because he raised in a all male setting, that where his manhood took hold. He "learn?" how to use tools and build stuff and improve stuff. But his flaw is he uses "more power." which ruins the project or kills the tools. And he can be clumsy. A lot of jokes a based on Tim's antics.

Jill (Patricia Richardson) was raised in a military family, she didn't have much of a childhood as she moved to a lot of houses. Tim had all brothers Jill had all sisters. But she learned to put on a tough face due to the military background. She is sensible, frumpy plain suburban housewife. Her quality eventually sized Tim Man-Ego down.

Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan). The oldest child. Going though puberty, he experience angst where Tim helped him though it by using tools and creating, not destroying. He grew up being athletic, being a soccer pro. And into girls.

Randy (Johnathan Taylor Thomas). The Middle child. He wasn't into sports or cars like Tim, but he has more qualities of the mother. He is sweet like mother, funny like father.

Mark (Taran Smith). The youngest child. Grew up as a "Weakling" picked on by Randy and Brad. Learned karate to gain confidence. Then in his tween to teen years became goth and dark.

The 3 boys is perceived as a typical suburban family.

Wilson (Earl Hindman) Neighbor. Running gag where he hides his face. But offers Tim some helpful, sage advice though quotes and situations of ancient and historic people. Then Tim screws up the quotes when he tries to apply it into correcting (His or other people's) mistakes

As the show grew, the setting grew, Harry's hardware store was introduced Harry and Delores was introduced. Tim's brothers came in and Jill's sister and mother/father. Then in season 8, Randy moved to Costa Rica when Johnathan bowed out to pursue a movie career. So Heidi (Debbe Dunning) started to have more role into the show. Al Borland (Richard Karn)also had more influence into the show, becoming Tim's friend.

This show was one of the best shows in the 90s. I am appalled at the negative reviews saying that Tim's or Jill's character was annoying, but if Tim was a sensitive easy to get along, you think the show would last as long as 8 season? Or become number 1 at one point? This show had the laughs. But also has the reality of growing up, like the time Randy has a cancer scare, but it's hyperthyroidism. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry. It can be serious and also hilarious. Today's sitcoms don't have this formula. Because of the elements, it lasted 8 seasons, and still enjoyable to watch today.

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A good solid family show, 4 May 2013

Step by Step was a show ran from 1991-1998. The premise of the show is based on Frank and Carole spontaneously got married in Jamaica. They had to introduce there kids quickly and have a step family. The show is like the Brady Bunch but at first the 2 families hated each other. Lamberts (Frank, Brandon, JT, Al(icia)were rugged, dirty, outdoorsy group whilst Fosters (Carole, Dana, Mark and Karen) were clean, smart, proper. Their personalities always clashed. By S1 E5, cousin of Lamberts Cody was introduced. Cody was the bridge that kept the family together. He was in love with Dana from day one while she rejected him, but eventually they became friends. Cody was a stereotypical valley boy people see as in idiot. But he is smarter then Dana on the SATs, loving nicest and more complex then people give him credit for. He was my favourite character because of that, and like Steve Urkle of Family Matters, he was the star of the show.

Step by Step was a great family show, season 1-5 was really good. But by end of Season 5, the cast changed. Sasha (Cody) got fired for his legal issues, and they introduced Lily, the biological child of the union. Rich Halke was introduced as full-time cast to replace Cody. Brandon left by season 7, Mark less time as well. By season 7 the show was unrecognizable.

The show could elaborate on the story of the exes of Frank Carole, tell about the genealogy of the kid, where they come from. Why they left because that is important. This is why instead of 10/10, i gave it 8/10.

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Entertaining ghost show., 1 March 2013

Ghost Adventure Crew always seemed to catch more evidence then Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters always use scientific approach which is boring but these GAC doesn't. They can debunk as well whether they can figure why things happen. As for questioning whether they are real or fake, it's your decision. I personally think most stuff are real while some evidence are questionable, but that doesn't deter me watch an entertaining show. Ghost Adventures at first was getting annoying using aggressive approach but later mellowed out and being objective. My only beef with the show is as a deal for being on the Travel Channel they show a lot of plugging the location as much as the ghost hunting. Meaning about 20 minutes is talking about the spot, and 22 minutes hunting. I miss the old days where they show their evidence to professionals to get their thoughts. Some shows are memorable some are OK, there is a few stinkers like the Riviera episode. When GAC evokes a certain spirit, it is terrible. Often you don't get what you want. My review is not based on someone 12 year old girl who thinks Zak's biceps are dreamy. I based it for what it is.

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I dream of Jeannie, 6 February 2013

This television show (1965-1970) was one of the best TV shows to my opinion. The premise of the show based on an astronaut Tony (Larry Hagman)who's space mission was aborted due to malfunction. His capsule lands on a small island beach in South Pacific. He comes in contact of a bottle and rubs it and out came a genie named Jeannie (Barbara Eden), she has been imprisoned in the bottle for 2000 years because a wicked Genie put her there for not marrying her. Tony try let her go but she followed him back to Cocoa Beach Florida and turned his life upside down. Later Roger (Bill Daily) helps Tony from letting Dr Bellows (Hayden Rorke) know and NASA. Being an astronaut is all what Tony dreamed of doing. 1st season was in black and white but later in syndication was in colour. The reason why this show is the best is Comparing it to sitcom today and then (NOT IDOJ and Bewitched, I am not that biased), is easily comparable. They don't make shows like this anymore. The reason this show works is 2 things.

1, CAST: *Barbara Eden easily one of the sexiest women in television. *Larry Hagman, this is one of 2 iconic characters he made, he and Barbara had chemistry and a cute on-screen couple. *Bill Daily, played the lovable and loyal and trusting Tony's best friend. *Hayden Rorke, suspicious and a fun character, the running gag of the show. A great Dr.


Cocoa Beach Florida, in a time of aerospace era when NASA was the forerunner of technology. The house in 1st 2 season was my favourite, nice colour bachelor's house, in season 3 and on they changed the interior to ugly panelling and then season 5, a new house. By then it wasn't the same.

Closing: the only flaw is the continuity. For a genie locked up for 2000 years in a bottle, how does she know figures of modern era? And for Tony being a smart and wise character, doesn't question this. Nevertheless, I will watch this show 10000 times before Jersey Shore. With having a beautiful sexy genie at Tony's disposal, they kept it clean and pure. Unlike today's shows.

It is decent., 4 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off this movie lacks cast. With 2 of 4 original cast in this final Jeannie update. Barbara Eden looking fabulous for a immortal genie. And lovable Roger reprise their roles of the classic 60s sitcom. Hayden Rorke who played Dr Bellows passed away in 1987 and Larry Hagman spending last 13 years of Dallas on vacation. This movie lacks the depth the characters made Jeannie. Having no Tony for Jeannie is just wrong, it's what make Jeannie and Tony tick.

Having said this, they try fill in the gap by updating the feel towards the 90s. There are 2 plots. Main plot: Tony is unaccounted for 3 months and Jeannie must look for him, and Jeannie 2 reminds the head of Genies that Jeannie must look for Tony or find a temporary master or send back to Babylon with the influence of Jeannie 2 to prevent this from happening. Sub-plot, her son got kidnapped by Jeannie 2 to divert her search for Tony, and the son broke free but got kidnapped again by 2 thieves. I find the movie somewhat enjoyable, but not mind blowing.

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