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Infamous & Furious Spanish Comic Geniosity!
25 June 2006
Lets straight up something first .. you must judge a movie by its purpose, you know, you cannot criticize badly a movie like Dumb & Dumber because its silly, why? Because it is suppose to!! So said that.. Torrente, El Brazo Tonto De La Ley is an awesome, stomach akin laughter comedy, it is exactly what it should be, it is stupid, but intelligent, silly, but real. Chocking and nasty, filthy and exciting. Indeed very nationalistic, so a few jokes might not make sense for many people outside of Spain, but anyway, if u are just a bit globalized ..u will not mind and will laugh anyway. I just cannot see any single problem within. The roll of Torrent is perfectly represented by this superb actor that is Santiago Segura, the constant naiveness inherit the relationships and social disgrace transformed into pure laughter is genius! I cannot see how any open minded intelligent person who enjoys fast and furious comedy could not like this one.
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Dead Girl (1996)
One of The Best movies I have ever seen!!
7 July 2004
I have seen so many movies in this life, I almost got into the movie business when I was in College, so lets say I kind of understand a bit about the subject. And I must tell everyone that this movie is brilliant!

Adam Coleman Howard is just fabulous as a director and actor in this crazy, demented, twisted, avant Gard, surreal yet hilarious movie!

Also..Val Kilmer's work is just superb as he plays hilariously Dr. Dark.

I think this is maybe the best black humor movie of the last 20 years!!!

This is a movie for a few people only. Very very selective!!

Congrats! And my fav. scene is the one Ari is playing with Helen Catherine and he takes her hand and hits himself as if she did it but she is dead....simple sketch with brilliant direction and acting.

Also..for Vanguarda-Studio from boston.. why does every single roll and aspect in the movie has to be an analogy or metaphor concerning the Hollywood machina? Cant u just think maybe just most of them? but not ALL? hehe
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