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Sunshine (2007)
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16 March 2008
The plot is really very stupid - the atmosphere and the good acting can't save it. The obvious stupidity starts with the reason for the whole mission - our star is dying ?!! Not for another 5 Billion years! - that's one of most accepted scientific facts. From there onward the stupidity continues with scenes of people freezing in less then a minute in space - no the vacuum doesn't conduct heat so they can live until they asphyxiate (and they don't expand and explode either like in other science fiction movies). But what bothers me more is the whole interaction between people was unrealistic. The people which we'll send if we'll need to save our planet will be selected out of 7-10 billion people possessing not only the highest intelligence, knowledge, skills, physical strength AND Mental Stability - but also totally dedicated to their mission!!! There won't be any fist fights and soul searching long before any serious situation develops. The Icarus team would have been selected out of hundred of teams world wide, trained in underground dungeons drilled to survive desperate situation without other human contact for months if not years. It is very obvious that many of the characters wouldn't pass the first week of training for this mission (fist fight, suicidal, selfish, talking to God ?!). I forgot the stupidity of the vast halls in the spaceships full of air to keep 5 people for another 10 years or more, For viewers that liked the atmosphere of the movie go see the latest Solaris (with George Clooney)- it's much deeper and interesting even though is not as good as Solaris -the book.
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A great "black humour" comedy
4 September 2004
This is a great "black humour" comedy - I gave it 9 out of 10. Judging by the low rating most of the people here are giving it - they "can't handle the truth". Maybe that's because most of the people are constantly brained washed by Hollywood type comedies - sweet and romantic or alternatively rude and full of body parts /smells/sounds/etc. But wait - those comedies also have to "educate" us, always at the end of the movie, with a "deeper message" - the meaning of life, love, god, peace and happiness to all the world, blah, blah, blah... So for those of you that have to have a deeper meaning - did you noticed how many real friends, one that will noticed that he is dead, for instance, Bernie had? Maybe life in the fast lane is not as glamorous as it seems...
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