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Sweet movie about a true story, 7 February 2006

My children were very much entertained by this movie. Historical and semi-factual movies are not really their thing at ALL. It was nice to get them to discuss WWI, bears, relationships, zoo history.. you name it. The bear was really charming. I've never been a huge Pooh fan, but I am a bear fan. I love bear movies. This made me set aside a little love in my heart for Winnie the Pooh. It did bring some tears to my eyes when the bear is in the hospital visiting...

I think it's better than average as kids' animal movies go. I don't think my husband would want to watch it again, however. I personally think this movie is rated a little high on this site. Perhaps it doesn't have enough votes yet to get a good measurement. It's a good movie, but by no means is it high cinema. It's a made for TV movie, for sure.

Doogal (2006)
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Bizarre, like an acid trip for kids, 5 March 2006

I'd put it on par with Boo-bahs or Teletubbies. If you just want to look a colorful shapes move across the screen and not care if you comprehend the meanings or purpose, then this is the movie for you. Otherwise, skip it. I don't know many 2 year-olds who can take themselves to the theater, and this is pure torture for any babysitter or parent. I love animated movies, even the bad ones, but I'd say this is an 80 min hallucination with celebrity voices. A snail in love with a cow? My 3 year old kept asking why "slinkies" had magical powers. I would have considered myself blessed to fall asleep, but I was afraid my kids would be brainwashed or something. It was just plain awful. Terrible, a waste of some minor talent and a lot of money!

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a very touching political commentary, even if unexpected, 4 July 2005

I watched the trailers for this movie with interest, since I love Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis. I was wary of the film's ability to make a romance between an obviously older man and a beautiful girl appeal to me. Surprisingly I was hooked into the relationship at the initial meeting. Nighy's absolute self deprecation and inability to make even the slightest of appealing advances made it believable and adorable. The gradual social commentary kept me watching the film, as I had already decided on and predicted the progression of the love affair. Yes, Richard Curtis has given us a pie-in-the-sky view of saving the world, but what else can one have in the wake of tragedy on a global scale other than hope. I was very moved by both leading performances and the screenplay (especially the ending). I'd recommend it for it's depiction of an odd relationship and a necessary spotlight on international aid.

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A cildhood dream that sticks with you, 26 October 2004

Whether it's a combination of the soundtrack by America, or the super-dramatic vocal talents of the actors, this is one movie that sticks with you for... oh, about 20 years. I can recall lines (and sometimes cry) even when I haven't seen the movie in ages. I was lucky enough to get the (slightly poor) DVD release this week and watched it three times in a night.

Any line that Molly Grue says makes the hairs on my neck stand up. Not being a big anime or fantasy film buff, I still list this as a top child-hood movie to watch over and over (and over again much to the chagrin of my husband). Mia Farrow sounds like an angel. Alan Arkin is just lovable. Jeff Bridges "sounds" handsome (which is about all his character has to be). I'm almost afraid to see the new live version coming out in 2006. I don't want to lose the fantasy of this film.

The Wiz (1978)
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a favorite childhood movie of mine, 26 July 2005

...And favorites don't always have rhyme or reason. I can just say that this movie always struck a chord with me. I know that it is dark. I agree that Diana Ross's acting is overwrought with some unknown neurosis. But the music is soulful and the vocal performances make me cry every time. The urban setting (in contrast to the farm that never "clicked" with me) is almost comforting, though not in the parking garage. I agree with the more intellectual reviewers that Lumet's direction could have been better. I'm just a sucker for the gospel-style singing in "the feeling that we have", "believe", and "brand new day". I find this movie much more of an emotional release than the Wizard of Oz.