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I'm middle aged and I like quirky movies, so I tend to like older women who will still take parts where they have to fully commit to a character - stretching them physically, compromising their appearance, or dabbling in genres with niche appeal.
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Movies that blipped onto my radar because they seem to fit my tastes, but fall into one of these categories: I haven't seen it, I don't want to see it, I have only seen parts, or maybe I saw it but can't remember much of anything. I tend not to care for many movies older than the late '60s, but a bunch of best picture winners are on here because I once intended to watch them all.
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My physical movie collection tops 1000, but for whatever reason, I don't want these that I've watched.
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Most of these are comedies (I'm rarely into mainstream feel-good movies) but all of them form my second tier of favorites. Not all are equally good film making.
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These movies define my taste in movies. Not in order.
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If these endure, I'll either have to replace some of the movies on my top 50 or make it a top 100.
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I tend to prefer character actors over typical leading men. They at least have to occasionally wander off into quirky territory. There are some exceptions, if they like to kick people in the face.
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This is the most important list to me. I subscribe to the idea that the author of a movie is the director. When I like an actor, I do not necessarily seek out the actor's other movies. When I like a director, I almost always adopt the intention of watching as many of his movies as possible. Of course I don't have enough time for that, but the intention never leaves me without something I really want to watch next. And regardless of how this list is sorted, Terry Gilliam is my clear favorite. It's pretty clear that I prefer directors with strong outlandish visuals and a tendency towards fantasy elements in their sets and surreal imagination in the screenplays they direct. Plus there are a few younger guys on here who are off to a good start, but who haven't really earned the right to be in this company yet.
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These movies (or complete TV series) belong to either my wife or my son, including some major releases my son has outgrown. Naturally I've seen most of them, or at least parts of them, but I don't claim them in my collection.
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Okay they aren't all stupid. But in my opinion, each had something seriously weak or corny about it and I kind of wondered why I spent the $8-$16.
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I keep lists all over the place, but for whatever reason, these movies I've seen don't fit on other lists. I probably have a digital copy but don't want the DVD or Blu-ray. In the case of the documentaries, I might use them when I teach but don't need to rewatch them anymore for pleasure.
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These movies are too out there for their own good, or they are so bleak, brutal, or intensely depressing to make you want to watch them over and over. Some are beautiful but boring. Some are arguably great and others are just interesting in a furrowed brow sort of way. However, I have no doubt that for every movie here, somebody claims it as his favorite movie.
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The top 30 movies I think more people should see even though they aren't my absolute favorites.
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Obvious concepts or big stars sometimes end up in botched final products. Here are the ones that I should like most
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This is a sampling of high quality 21st century Asian movies, with an emphasis on action. Because so many Asian movies involve personnel that allow cross-promotion in the US, I am defining Asian movies as movies filmed originally in an Asian language with primarily Asian stars. Directors and producers may vary.
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I tried to avoid listing any movie made as an homage to B movies. It's not always easy to know what to count as a B movie, but these are too well distributed, were made by A-list directors, featured A-list actors, or got a considerable production budget. Otherwise they certainly have the right flavor or questionable quality but are actually worth watching if you enjoy a little bit of stupid.
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Credit to Jennifer Eiss. Another user had assembled this list, but I corrected it.
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I'm not saying I'd never watch a movie with these guys. I'm more interested in the director than the actors. But I think twice when I see these leading men. For comedy stars I don't like, there is another list. This is restricted to actors who actually tend to show up in movies I might otherwise watch. In descending order of distaste...
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I've hated mainstream comedy for at least 10 years (this is 2011). These are contemporary mainstream comedy stars whom I've never learned to like. In some cases I just couldn't bring myself to see their crappy-looking movies, but in other cases I saw them and hated them or was bored. This is the area in which I become a film snob. It's fine if you love them but they are almost entirely absent from my collection. The only way I can stand to look at these headshots is if I pretend I'm locking them all in one ugly room and leaving them there.