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Mithya (2008)
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Superb acting by Ranvir Shorey, 3 December 2012

It's been really long since Bollywood have not been producing dark comedies or comic tragedies!!I have no idea how to categorize this film as.It is an outstanding film with lots of drama.Superb acting that too a natural one!This shows that cinema has a language of it's own! i' m strictly not here to postmortem the film! and definitely hat's off to Ranveer for an astonishingly versatile acting in the film. Rajat Kapoor has even made an actor like Neha Dhupia come out brilliantly!I recently saw Ranvir and Rajat in I m 24 and they are equally superb in that!But watching Mithya was an out and out pleasure and awesome experience.would rate this film as 9 out of 10 and would recommend every cinema lover to go and watch this film. I am sure you will be glad that you watched this film.

Must See!!!!, 8 November 2012

The story of Dosar revolves around Kaushik (Prasenjit Chatterjee) and Kaberi (Konkona Sen Sharma), a happy couple until a car accident takes away Mita, Kaushik's mistress and leaves Kaushik heavily injured. Mita, a mother of a little boy and living with her husband, was Kaushik's colleague. The truth leaves Kaberi shattered. While Kaushik successfully moves on with life leaving Mita behind,he also tries his best to repair the severely wounded relation with his wife. There is another couple in the film- Brinda (Pallavi Chatterjee) and Bobby (Parambrata Chatterjee), engaged in another extramarital relation. While Bobby is a bachelor, Brinda, quite older than Bobby, is unhappily married. They and Kaberi do group theatre together. Brinda- Bobby comes to a crossroad when Brinda becomes pregnant and Bobby is not sure whether the child is his or Brinda's husband's. However he does not turn back and stands by Brinda in sorting out her issues.

Kaberi often threatens divorce but ultimately is overpowered by the wife in her and cannot step behind fulfilling her duties towards her husband at the time of crisis.On the other hand, Kaushik too is caught in his own predicament. The physical and mental trauma caused by the accident are portrayed with great skill and subtlety by Prosenjit. He has to not only come to terms with the loss of a loved one but is faced with the daunting task of winning back his wife's trust.

I Am 24 (2010)
An ultimate romantic comedy., 2 November 2012

I M 24 is Rajat Kapoor and Ranvir Shorey's film.Both have performed exceptionally well in the movie.Added to that the funny story line,the movie is a very well made and funny one. Saurabh Shukla writer and director of the film has done a commendable job. The music and songs of the film are simply awesome and I particularly like Do lafzo ki. It is one of my favourite songs.Rest of the songs are also very nice. Talking about the movie and performance,Ranvir Shorey is the trump card in this one in the role of Gagandeep with a splendid performance.Rajat Kapoor as Shubendu is also awesome.He is in the lead role of a 42 years old man who falls in love with a much younger girl and in order to impress her goes on to tell a series of lies.The lies and the goof ups really make the entire movie really funny and entertaining.Overall it is an ultimate romantic comedy.

Faltu (2005)
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A complete dramatic movie., 26 October 2012

The story of Faltu is set around a district in West Bengal in the early 1950s. Faltu is the story of a 20-year-old orphan called Faltu(Yash Pandit).It is about his search for the man who fathered him.Besides the life of Faltu,the movie revolves around a village and its people with a lot of dramatic events. Faltu is a movie that deals with the lives of the villagers and how everything turns out when a census official questions Faltu's parentage. It was very well known about Faltu's mother(Indrani Halder) but there was no information about who his father was.Faltu was never bothered about his identity until this official's question. The entire story of the film deals with human relations and how the guilt of having done something wrong haunts everyone in the village. They want to make up for their sins, but end up opening a new can of worms and spoiling a marriage. Directed by Anjan Das,the writer of the story was Syed Mustafa Siraj.Yash Pandit and Manjari Fadnis who are in the lead have done a very good job in their role. The movie is really different and should be seen by people who are an ardent fan of Bengali movies.

Back to school life..., 4 October 2012

Bollywood and its audience seems to be coming of age with the advent of managerial excellence in movie making.First time director Prof. Arindum Chaudhuri pulls it off convincingly with his technique of making of making the characters speak to the audience.Sunny Deol's entry in the movie left the audience captivated as he performed what he is best at.His opulent lifestyle is revealed during the later half of the movie. His guidance and inspiration to DEV and his friends infuses a feeling of motivation and dedication towards winning the marathon which is the highlight of the movie. Namrata Shirodkar,the main narrator in the entire film did justice to her gorgeous looks and flaunts but not her talent. The movie revolves around the rivalry between 2 schools Bharti and Valley High. The characters fit in their respective roles very well and it was a good attempt by the crew to come up with a fairly lively subject like "RSTRL". I would love watching it again if I get a chance.

Great fun to watch, 3 October 2012

I watched the movie yesterday and found it really nice and interesting.Jennifer Lopez is really good in the movie.It portrays the tug of war between a mother and daughter in law.The mother in law tries her best to stop the marriage as she feels her son might not be happy with that girl.The pacing is quite fast for a romantic comedy, as it squeezes in a romantic comedy in the first half and hour and then the tug of war in the last hour. The games they play are really funny and entertaining.The fight between Charlie and Viola is very nice and interesting and is worth watching.Also the way they quarreled brings out a great message that differences can eventually be solved through honest communication. I find delightful and a great fun to watch.

Wonderful movie., 27 September 2012

The Last Lear is one of Rituparno's best movie as a director.The movie is produced by the Planman Motion pictures that very often comes out with movies on interesting subjects and the last lear is no different.Amitabh Bachchan is extraordinary and has given of his finest and most difficult performances ever. He is intense, generous, impulsive, and his English line delivery is spectacular. The film belongs to him completely, although the rest of the cast have done a good job as well.Preity Zinta is also noticeably good as she had to come out of herself as the bubbly and cute girl to a much serious role as Shabnam.There are many scenes in the movie that I really enjoyed.I liked the scenes in which Shabnam smoke anxiously, I liked the scene in which Bachchan teaches her how to release tensions by screaming, and she breaks down , and she was particularly impressive in the film's last scene. It is a wonderful movie in which all have given great performance.The last lear is a movie that is definitely worth watching.

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ZNMD......really teaches you about life!, 27 September 2012

ZNMD takes you to the journey of life.It is a movie to get back your life, if you lost it somewhere in today's fast life. It takes you to silly and simple moments of your life. The movie is about the bachelor trip of 3 childhood friends,in which they become more than friends.Witty and humorous dialogues makes it a funny movie. Awesome locations shot beautifully with excellent music and background score.Hrithik is as usual brilliant and so are rest of the stars.Though quite slow at times but it is a movie that must be watched to know the real way to live life!The movie is a ride that begins with fun and Ends with fun.It's something fresh in Indian cinema and kind of Genre which we haven't seen here in Bollywood very often!

Awesome movie, 26 September 2012

Do dooni chaar is the perfect movie that many middle class family can relate to.Got to watch this magnificent film few days ago.I had no idea the movie would be so entertaining or else I would have never missed it on its 1st day of release. Do dooni chaar has beautifully captured essence of the middle class life succinctly and reminded me of my childhood.It was the family's desire,headed by the charming Rishi Kapoor; to own a car.The movie basically revolves around this dream of the family.The movie had many instances that reminded me of my childhood days when my family too had to go through such hardships.The director has beautifully portrayed the life of middle class families in India.Everyone in the movie are too good.It was great to see Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh together on-screen after so many years.Overall a great movie to watch and surely deserve a 10/10 for the wonderful storyline.