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Dark City (1998)
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One of the best science fictions ever made..., 26 November 2004

Dark City is the best film of Alex Proyas. He uses the Gothic and claustrophobic themes commonly and dark colors prevail during the film like "The Crow" .The story doesn't follow a certain order of rule, instead there is some mind games and puzzles in the film, that causes watchers to be active in each minute and motivate to the movie..

The topic is about a man who loses his past and first finds himself in a bath tub, doesn^t know about himself and his life, but he has one ability that no one has, he can be alive when the evil forces stops the time and reshapes the world according to their own demand. The story is so fantastic and Proyas' nightmare world come true in that movie.

I can basically say that it's one of the best science fiction movies ever made, it opens doors to different dimensions and force human brains' capability....

"Mutlu Bahar"

Garfield (2004)
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not more than a child movie, 23 November 2004

There are so many things to talk about negatives, rather than positives... the movie starts as usual like all other similars and u can always estimate following scenes, that bores watchers. Garfield is animated such a way that there is no need a computer animation, it doesn't exhibit special movements to the film except a few rotten joke..

The topic is sooooo simple and you don't even wonder what will happen in the next scene.

I think it fails when we look at other similar productions like Stuart Little, Babe and other motion pictures.. Garfield: The Movie can not attract people who are above 7 years old. It's a waste of time and one can spend that time outside, caressing kittens.... :)

Mutlu Bahar

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Pixar has done a good job.., 9 July 2004

Finding nemo is not the best film that Disney has ever created, however it can be said that it's very good. I've watched 3 times.. The events in the movie are easily estimated while we are watching. There is not so much surprises but the humor and the characters are fantastic. The kid turtles and vegetarian sharks are very nice.. The story is around a little crown fish which is kidnapped by the people who are living in Sydney.. His father wants to find him and there are humorous events while searching.. The colors are so vivid and the atmosphere of the ocean is very well designated.. I recommend the film but not strongly, It's nice but not perfect.. It can attract the children and it's a family name.

"Mutlu Bahar"

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There's nothing to gain academy reward in that film, 8 July 2004

I surprised after I watched the whole movie why did it earn economy reward. The film is inevitably normal to me,however it hides behind the scenario.Moreover, Joseph Fhinnes is not a right decision for the headrole... According to me, with the absence of William Shakespeare and the scenario of William Shakespeare, the film is not very attracting. In contrast, the atmosphere is successfully reflects the time of the British Empire, Queen Elizabeth is very good adapted to the movie. It's fluent that the film doesn't have an ability to gain Academy award, the topic is clear and it's enjoyable to see some scenes..It's not a child movie....

"Mutlu Bahar"