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"Homeland" (2011)
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How did this show win an Emmy and a Golden Globe???????, 25 September 2012

Honestly this show is the first thing that's compelled me to write a review. I'd like to consider myself a well educated film goer. And after I finished breaking bad, weeds, game of thrones I needed something new to get into. Being that Homeland had just won an Emmy I was like "oh yea i remember seeing previews for that show last year, apparently it's pretty good". And apparently people are just as dumb and poorly educated as I thought.

The first two or three episodes honestly had me intrigued, then the further I delved into the monotonous garbage can that is homeland the more I hated life. Being that this series has been praised by basically everyone, each episode leaves you with the hope that something monumental will happen eventually. But the plot lines are just sooooo slowly formed you never get any sense of suspense or anxiety or anything that makes you tell your friends "If you haven't seen this, rethink your life". The dialogue sucks, and Claire Danes honestly just affirms the point that women should never ever be involved with operational security. She comes off as pathetic and absolutely insane. Probably during the 8th episode I thought to myself "ohhhhh I get it now the entire writing crew is smoking crack and watching re-runs of 24". THe most confusing part of the whole movie was why in the world does Claire Danes Begin to lust after an alleged terrorist? She's like some queen B CIA agent but no wait she also a female and clearly completely irrational and crazy in the grand scheme of things. She's obviously hott and semi-promiscuous and would have little to no problem at all finding a post deployment military man in D.C., It's just non-sensical garbage.

All in all I really can't recommend that anyone watch this series. I felt that it was very poorly executed and has an underlying statement of "just shut up and watch." Honestly it really could have been good too. As another Reviewer said...... it should've have been a movie or at least just a 4 part miniseries. Or maybe half hour episodes instead of a hour each. I gave it 3 out 10 because like I said it was semi- watchable in the first few episodes. But its just soooo anti-climactic towards the end. It gets drawn out in the sense that some of the episodes simply leaves you with the yearning for some kind of gun fight or action in any form. But no, the only plot development we get in having to ponder how the hell did this woman become a CIA agent. Unbearable....................also i really wanted to to see Brody blow himself up and like the 30 other people but they couldn't even deliver that.