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Must See for Any Wine Lover or Traveler to Argentina!, 25 September 2012

For anyone that has ever traveled to some particularly beautiful spot on the globe and has attempted to describe the grandeur to friends upon their return knows just how insufficient and futile that gesture is. Well in this amazingly beautiful 70-minute film Director and Cinematographer Sky Pinnick has managed to captured the essence of this glorious place that is Mendoza, Argentina. As I have visited numerous winemaking regions I have always thought them to be some of the most beautiful settings on the planet and it seems that thinking has been vindicated here with the backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Perhaps the most beautiful aspect though is the parade of characters that we meet throughout the film that are making their living with this special grape variety, Malbec. After meeting them here and seeing their hard work and dedication it comes as no surprise that they've been able to coax the very best out of a grape variety that the rest of the world had practically abandoned. However my one complaint about this film is it should have come with a bottle of wine to wash it all down with!