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"Dallas" (2012)
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Like, NOT love the new Dallas, 2 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As with most of the viewers of the show, I am a fan of the original series. Have all the seasons on DVD. J.R. Ewing probably my favorite all time TV character.

I had been looking forward to this new series since the news broke about it.

It is good. Truly, I am NOT interested in seeing the adult John Ross & Christopher. I want to see J.R., Bobby & Sue Ellen.

I am inputting this less than a week before the final episode of this 1st season.

We have been able to see Lucy in 3 episodes, Ray in 2 & Cliff in 2.

A BIG LET DOWN for the fans of the original show. They lead us to believe after J.R. went to Las Vegas we were going to see a poker game with him and Cliff. What did we get? Nothing, let down, VERY disappointing.

OK, Bobby has had health problems. Why weren't his other brothers Gary & Ray told? How about Lucy? Some of the "plot twists" you could see coming a mile away.

Linda Gray Sue Ellen has NOT been in all the episodes.

I could really care less about the 2 woman between John Ross & Christopher. Bobby's latest wife, no. We fans miss Pam.

Now, we have seen Miss Ellie's grave. Jock has barely been mentioned. How about Clayton? NEVER mentioned, just the last name on Miss Ellie's grave.

The show has been good but old, you can see them coming plot twists, not explaining things properly have been a let down.

Let's hope they improve upon this in season 2.

Great film MUST for Disney fans, 16 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Done by 1 of Frank's sons.

This film is a must for Disney fans.

Very interesting.

We learn about the last of the Nine Old Men of Animation Sad they are all gone now Frank passed away in 2004, Ollie in 2008.

I thought a personal note of interest to me. Frank lived for a time in my home town when he was young. This city is nothing to brag about.

Besides learning about them you of course get behind the scenes Disney facts from the early days.

You see Ollie & his personal train. Just like Walt had at his home. They lived right next door to each other.

We Disney fans sure do miss them.

Tenderness (2009)
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For Russell fans only OTHERWISE, DID NOT MAKE SENSE, 18 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought this DVD/film ONLY because I am a fan of Russell's. And, after watching it that would be the only reason to watch it.

He does his usual great job with a performance. BUT, we could have done without the moustache. Yuck.

Now, let's get to the story.

It did NOT make sense as you watched it. What was going on? Plot holes the size of boulders in this.

So, the teenage murderer gets out of jail & he's crazy. Among his victims were his parents YET he goes to live with his aunt Laura Dern from Jurassic Park 1 & 3 after the release. Makes no sense.

Then, there is a crazy 15/16 year old girl who was already a stalker to him that lies to her mother & her current boyfriend saying she is spending the weekend at a friend's house to hook up with the released murderer.

Now, Russell's characters wife in in the hospital WE NEVER LEARN WHY SHE IS THERE. Would have like to have known that.

He starts following the murderer & the stalker. More than once he was right near them but did not see OR DID NOT HEAR A CAR START UP??????

Not giving the whole movie away here. When we get to Russell's character catching up with the murderer & stalker. The stalker tells him she had permission from her parents to be there. NOW, BEING A COP DON'T YOU THINK HE WOULD HAVE CALLED HER MOTHER TO LEARN NO SHE DID NOT? So, Russell's character & the other cops who find them let the murderer & the stalker go off together. The stalker dies & the murderer ends up in jail again. Hey, did we forget a step here. HOW ABOUT AN AUTOPSY? I will not give away why she died but when you do then what I just said about the autopsy will make sense.

Russell's character did NOT have permission from his bosses to be following the murderer & this is spoken of later in the film, so why were all these other cops helping him WITHOUT talking to Russell's bosses first?

An Okay follow up, 8 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like, not love the original 2006 film. An original idea. What brought it down was Ben Stiller doing his normal Ben Stiller role & Owen Wilson.

The 2cd film. It is an okay follow up. Once again, Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson I just do NOT like. The plot, you can follow it. But, we have cheesy unnecessary scenes, cut aways.

The Star Wars fan & collector I am the brief Darth Vader bit could have been MUCH better, Oscar the Grouch was good.

Here we go with casting. Hank Azaria the main villain. Sorry, I did NOT buy it. How many times has he done a weird foreign accent for a film? Too much. Been done so many times. They needed another actor. Nope, I did not buy him in the role, a waste. The character make have worked better with another actor.

Now, I think Amy Adams did a good job as Amelia Earhart. This role I bought.

Plot holes in SEVERAL PLACES. Like when Amelia & Larry bring the characters back to the original museum at the end. We only saw a few characters but yet when we see what happens when they get back the whole crew is back.

You could see the end of the film from a mile away. Once the day was saved we knew what would happen.

Only time in the 2 films I liked Ricky Gervais character was at the VERY END of this film.

Notice Larry?s son Nick did NOT really age or get bigger between films? Enough with the bit with the monkey now monkeys battling Larry huh? Seen it before, got old in the 1st film.

A good try, does NOT hit the bulls eye, not close. Just an okay, passable effort.

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Just plain bad a piece of fluff, 22 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Keeping in mind this show is supposed to be for teenagers. Teenagers who can NOT think or see bad acting & ideas.

I have watched some of the episodes because I am Partridge Family fan since its debut 39 years ago.

So, the Cassidy Brothers are behind this. They did NOT think too much about plot or even cast names. David & Patrick characters are David & Patrick. Shaun produced & Ryan works on the set. I think ABC Family got a cheap deal using David as they name in it.

You get tired in about 2 seconds of the oldest teenage boy attracted to his cousin. That should have STOPPED after the characters were established as family members.

Not much acting required for this show. The characters have no depth. Same facial expressions.

We get, David as a former rock star.

Even the episode where Shirley guest starred. Worth to see her, David & real life son Patrick on screen together.

The young woman who plays Ruby Alexa Vega , cute but not very talented. You forget her in a minute.

The other son, slightly over weight with an occasional smart line. Gee, I think they need to work a lot harder if they were trying to get a clone of Danny. He had timing.

Unless you are a fan of David or Shaun's & want to see their work do NOT bother with this light weight fluff.

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I remember GOOD Harrison movies-this is NOT 1 of them, 14 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been following Harrison career for 30 years as of next year. USED to be first in the door opening day for his films.

I found it VERY strange this film had no press or publicity when it was released. Nothing.

Was it the subject matter? Maybe.

A topical subject now, especially where I live in California.


This film just is NOT good. Harrison did his normal great job with his role, YES ANOTHER COP. 2 D lister's in supporting roles & no one else of note.

1. We have TOO MANY STORIES GOING ON AT ONCE. How many different illegal alien families or people the film is showing us. Some doing good things here, other breaking further laws, etc. 2. That Claire character. Film makers, WHY DID WE NEED ALL THE NUDE SCENES WITH THIS ACTRESS? Claire is dumb, she goes to the correct department to check on her paperwork (NOTE WE GET THE NORMAL WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER WHO IS RUDE & NOT HELPFUL) Did the Claire character HAVE A COPY OF HER PAPERWORK SHE KEPT FOR HER RECORDS OR OF HER MONEY ORDER? Nope, but we had to have a scene with her paying off A GUY AT A COPY MAKING COMPANY. So, she knew what making copies was BUT DID NOT KEEP A COPY OF SOMETHING THAT IMPORTANT? Oh, boo hoo, I sure was NOT crying when she was deported. 3. Judd & Liotta were husband & wife. Yet, we see 2 scenes with them together, the first at their home where she starts trying to talk him into adopting the little girl. FILM MAKERS, HE HAD NEVER EVEN MET THE LITTLE GIRL, why was there not a line, like "Come & meet her"? 4. The family getting mad & 1 member killing the sister because she was having an affair with her married boss? Oh please. 5. Harrison's character & all the things he did concerning that 1 illegal alien woman & her kid. Why did his bosses let him do that? Go find the kid & then take him to other family members. THAT IS NOT HIS JOB, that is Child Protective Services. 6. And, of course, the 1 girl after her 9-11 paper at school.

Just, not good.

A big disappointment.

WALL·E (2008)
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A charming Disney/Pixar film, 19 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this to be a charming film

I liked the Wall-E & Eve characters

If you do NOT like messages you may not like the environmental one used here

Good to see real actors in a Disney/Pixar film for a change. Only 1 of note is Fred Willard He did his job but they could have tried to have gotten a bigger named actor for the small part

Music was OK Nothing bad about it but it did not jump out at you Older songs used so I doubt the film will get an Oscar nomination for the score

I caught The Little Mermaid reference-Wall-E keeping all the interesting items he finds to Ariel's collection

Great looking animation


The DVD package. Instead of a useable to store or stack plastic DVD package we get this thin card board, 1 side you get out disc 1, the other side you pull out the other 2 discs NOT ANY PRINTED INFORMATION ON THE FILM, no brochure or anything I am very upset about this package FOR THE EXPENSIVE PRICE BUYERS DESERVE SOMETHING BETTER Way too high priced


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Still a good film, 9 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have always enjoyed this film.

What made the film for me were the characters & performance BOTHER Oscar WINNERS FOR Shirley as Aurora & Jack as Garrett.

Winger & Daniels characters I just hated. Why did she stay with him after the cheating? His cheating made it OK for her to cheat with John Lithgow's character? 2 wrongs do NOT make a right.

The oldest son Tommy. It took till near the end with him walking out of the hospital with his grandmother till an adult stood up to him for his behavior. Parents NEVER did a thing about it.

Danny De Vito & his small part. Never did figure out why he was with the family when Emma was in the hospital near the end of the film. His character did NOTHING.

Still a good film after the passage of time. Although, does not have the impact it did when released.

Black Rain (1989)
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Holds up over the years, 28 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember going to see this film in the theater.

I think it holds up over the years.

Great to look at, well acted.

1 thing I have NEVER liked about it is the Andy Garcia death scene. Just to look at, not realistic. For film only. And, what started this story. IF Michael & Anthony were in this restaurant WHY DID THEY NOT STOP THE KILLINGS BEFORE THEY HAPPENED? They were police & had guns.

Still can't figure out little scene at the beginning of the film. WHY TAKE YOUR KID TO SCHOOL IN THE RAIN ON A MOTORCYCLE? Can?t the kid get sick?

Film has the Ridley style. 1 of my favorites of his.

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Lost a bit of it's spark over the years but still good, 26 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember when the film came out. Film goers were talking about it.

Of course, the memorable lines & scenes.

To me it has lost a bit of it?s edge over the passage of 21 years.

Well acted by the 3 principles.


At the height of Michael's successful film streak in the 1980's. With the purchase of this DVD I now have the 3 roles of Glenn's I like, besides this 1 "Air Force One" & "101 Dalmatians".


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