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A bunch of pampered attention-seekers, 29 January 2009

Where to begin? Firstly, Anne Hathaway has always been a very under-rated actress (largely due to the critical snobbery around the roles she chooses) and anyone surprised by her performance here simply hasn't been paying attention. There's very little on show here that she hasn't shown before, and in far superior films. Besides, if anyone's performance leaps out, it's Rosemarie DeWitt's. Secondly, there isn't one likable character in the whole movie. Quite frankly I was wishing a thunderbolt would hit the tent during the unforgivably, interminably long wedding reception, wiping out every one of the self-centred, attention seeking bunch. And the multi-culturalism was so crass and vulgar it was downright insulting to both its audience and the multiple cultures from which it was pilfering. If it made a point about race, it's that you don't have to be white to be pretentious and middle-class. Clearly written by someone who's been spoilt rotten and had far too much therapy. Utterly hateful tosh.

Hunger (2008)
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A piece of art, but not great storytelling., 18 January 2009

This film certainly succeeds on an artistic level. The performances are incredibly brave, and the cinematography is astonishing- the film actually looks like it was made in the early '80s. The pace and editing are also perfect for the claustrophobic, monotonous setting of prison. However, the film fails on another, more important level, i.e. storytelling. Firstly, the events are given no proper political context, bar some vague caption referencing "the troubles", and a few Thatcher sound-bites. But even more fundamentally than that, we are not properly introduced to the main character of Bobby Sands until almost halfway through, at which point the film switches allegiance to his story alone, meaning those whose stories we have followed up until this point are simply abandoned, never to be heard of again. A curious, even nonsensical decision. I don't know if this film was made to entertain or educate, but it did neither for me.