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Arthur's Missing Pal (2006 Video)
I hope Arthur NEVER ends
10 September 2006
Well, as soon as this movie came out I began wondering, maybe Arthur is coming to an end!! I really would not like that at all. This movie is great, it isn't the best storyline, but the graphics more then make up for it. I still need to buy this when I see it out. Arthur is so cute, and it is so well done. (yea, it seems I'm hitting on Arthur) I recommend this movie to anyone who likes the show or anyone who hasn't seen Arthur before as well. Heck, START watching Arthur because it is a great show. I really wish they came out with season DVDs because they are some of the best shows-that older kids can relate to and understand as well. Now, maybe they can fast forward and do a movie about Arthur finishing high school and starting college. That could be interesting...
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Great Job with this movie!!!
16 January 2006
Normally I try to avoid Barbie films, but this one was unmistakably awesome. Kudos to the graphics and character voice overs. It all flowed well. This enchanting tale is a great spin off of others, but is well worth buying! I don't have kids, but the kids I babysit, (including boys) find it intriguing and love the extra features on the DVD. I honestly don't know why this is rated so low, but for kids, especially your Barbie lovin' 8 year old will love this. Its not straight forward and predictive like most movies are. This "childrens" film has excellent morals and shows teamwork. It has no swearing, bits of romance (if your old enough to figure it out) and beautifully written storyline. Thats why I am giving it a ten out of ten!
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