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Prisoners (2013)
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Modern Day Hitchcock Suspense Movie, 21 September 2013

Prisoners was an Awesome Movie Experience. So far my favorite Movie of 2013. The Director along with all the main character actors were spot on. This movie kept me riveted to my seat the entire 2 hours, when I actually needed to go to the *%#*room. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal were indeed amazing in their lead actor rolls.

Have just recently seen some of Alfred Hitchock's All Time Classics: Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, Rear Window and prisoners fits in with these well. It is also very similar to the "Silence Of The Lambs".

Can't think of too much more to say But this Flick is definitely a Sleeper Hit Movie. Way Back When, I don't think "Silence" had much beginning hype. It was the word of mouth that brought more folks out to see that Classic.

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Not Bad for a late March Release, 23 March 2013

Gerald Butler is amazing in this White House Invasion Action Movie. A very good movie that hits home, how important important our National Security and Defense are to our United States of America. This story and movie is pretty far fetched but we as a country saw in 2001 how something somewhat similar really happened.

Overall the Action and Acting were Very Good. "Olympus Has Fallen" kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for Gerald Butler to come to the Rescue and he does in flying colors. And Morgan Freeman adds a lot of credibility in his supporting role. I'm so glad we picked this Movie to see over just another Animation Movie like "The Croods" Today.

Lincoln (2012)
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"Lincoln" & Daniel Day Lewis Incredible.. Warning:not an action film, 17 November 2012

Just read some of the "bad" reviews & simply just don't get how you can't like this GREAT MOVIE. Spielberg's "Lincoln" was AWESOME. The Director was able to take you "Back In Time" when things were much simpler & primitive, way back in the 1860's. And Daniel Day Lewis moved me in this film like no other actor has ever done. Mr. Lewis' performance was mesmerizing and spellbinding. He was "Abraham Lincoln." His acting in this movie is definitely "Best Actor/Academy Award Worthy.

"Lincoln" was not directed or produced with the main intention to deliver an Action "Civil" War Movie concentrating on horrific action battle scenes. If you want mainly entertaining action scenes then James Bond & "Skyfall" should be your pick. I'm sure it is also an awesome film. I want to see "Skyfall" also. But "Lincoln" was my first pick of the holiday blockbuster season.

Stephen Spielberg, designed this Movie to specifically concentrate on "The Man" Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th President of the United States. And how Mr. Lincoln helped end the CIVIL WAR and at the same time Abolish Slavery in our United States of America in the last few but Very Important months of this Great Man's Life. Daniel Day-Lewis helped show the truly human sides of Abraham Lincoln.

I Admire and Honor Abraham Lincoln even more so after viewing this Film.

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Trailer makes "Cloud" look Great! "Cloudy Mess" Movie Alert !, 27 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very taken and persuaded by the television/movie & you tube trailer that this film had a very good chance of being an "Epic Film" along with an epic performance by an Academy Award Winning Actor in Tom Hanks. But after viewing only one hour of this movie I realized that the trailer completed fooled me.

Neither myself or wife had read the Book "Cloud Atlas" or we may well have understood the story or plot better. Both of us were lost from the very beginning of the film. It just felt like trying to put together a "Jumbled Puzzle with very small pieces." WE may not be very good movie critics, but we love to go almost every weekend to be entertained by a good movie with a good script, along with good acting, action, etc. Just didn't get the "Drift" of this film.

It is very rare, that we have ever walked out of a movie before its completion. But after a "VERY LONG" Hour, we could not take "Cloud Atlas" any longer. And the Violence shown may have been an important part of the book. But was it necessary for these murder scenes to be so graphic.

"Cloud Atlas" too me was a complete Waste of our time and money. We are both really looking forward to several of the upcoming holiday blockbuster movies: Les Miserables, Flight, The Hobbit, & Lincoln after trying to View this "Cloudy Mess."

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A very enjoyable movie & no "Chair"...just Clint's Great Acting, 22 September 2012

A very enjoyable movie for all. Not just a good baseball story/film I think so far that the "Curve" movie is highly under rated at 6.7. It is much better than this. The lead actors were all very good in this picture.....Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams. and Justin Timberlake plus John Goodman in a good & touching supporting role Justin was surprisingly good...His best acting to date in any movie he has appeared in. Almost enjoyed this movie as much as the Brad Pitt "Moneyball" from 2011. I do not know why the film critics are being so harsh on this movie before its release. Is it because of Clint's "Chair" performance at the nationally televised Republican Convention. Don't worry Clint does not bring along his "Famous Chair" in this Movie..only his enormous acting ability and talent.