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Mannequin (1987)
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I Love This Movie. It Is So Enjoyable., 5 October 2004

It's about a guy who is down on his luck has an incredible woman come into his life and make his life better. The only problem is that she is a mannequin who only comes to life when no one else is around.

Kim Cattrall is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, fun, loving, and full of life. She makes the fantasy character ideal and personally I think that she deserves an award for this film. Andrew McCarthy is also very charismatic and likable in this film.

This movie is light, silly, funny, romantic, and very entertaining. It's a feel good movie definitely worth watching.


Catwoman (2004)
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As Good As Batman - Maybe Even Better, 5 October 2004

This movie does have entertainment value. To compare it to the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton, I would say that Catwoman is slightly less dark and has a bit more humor.

They used a different Catwoman than the more commonly known one used in the comics. They probably did this because the more common Catwoman was already portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the Batman sequel.

Although I was origionally not happy with the choice of using Halle Berry as Catwoman (since she was already a Superhero as Storm in the X-Men movies), I felt she did a very good job in this role. She looked excellent with long hair at the beginning of the movie and she looked sexy in the Catwoman outfit later on on the movie. It was cool how she would walk and move around as if she were a cat and a woman.

The basketball scene and the jewelry store scenes among other scenes were also entertaining in this movie.

In my opinion I would say that this movie was not as good as Superman 1&2, Spiderman 1&2, The Flash (pilot), or Hero At Large, but better than the 3 Batman sequels, Daredevil, and the Hulk

7 out of 10