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Fracture (2007)
A Flashback to 1992
19 April 2007
Is 2007 the new 1992? With this film and Perfect Strangers, the movie studios seem hellbent on recreating the sexual thriller genre that Sharon Stone personally created in the early 90s. While some of Stone's films had a nice charm to them both of these films just fall so flat.

Fracture, for example, uses every cliché it can. The wisecracking criminal, the overworked good looking DA, the Sharon Stone esquire temptress, etc etc etc.

This film should be avoided at all cost. Sad to think that three Academy Award nominated actors (Hopkins, Gosling, Straitharn) all worked on this. I suppose something has to pay the bills, eh?
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Eyewitness (1981)
Low point for Weaver & Hurt
29 May 2005
I'm a collector of films starring Ms. Weaver, so I bought this only because of her being in it. I find it really odd that her early career is filled with so many awful movies. She started with incredible promise in Alien but then had a slew of bombs. These bombs include this movie, Deal of the Century, One Woman or Two, and Half Moon Street. She also appeared in The Year Of Living Dangerously, which was not a bomb, but her performance was less than notable. In the time between Alien and it's 1986 sequel, Aliens, the only movie she did that was worth anything was Ghostbusters. before the release of Aliens, I'm sure everyone thought this woman was on her way out. Luckily she wasn't.

Back to Eyewitness though, the film is boring. It doesn't create any suspense. William Hurt seems like a cardboard stand in, and the atmosphere is just to dry. Sigourney is decent but nothing worth remembering.

Watch this movie if you must but don't go in with any expectations of a decent movie. Watch better movies with these two stars like Accidental Tourist and Working Girl.
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Alien³ (1992)
well acted. well directed. disrespected.
1 July 2004
When watching this film understand that life is not happy and especially not life in a horror film.

The story is about the perils of Ripley and all of her suffering caused by the Alien. This is a woman who hasn't gotten peace since she first encountered the beast. She saw one little sliver of light (newt) in a dark tunnel and then the light was taken from her. All of her pain and suffering combined with her nature to protect makes the finale of this movie even more classic.

This movie is the fitting end for the series and is on par with the first two installments in every single way.
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