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One of Nickelodeons Best, 16 November 2012

Well SpongebobSquarePants is one of the few good shows in my opinion on nicktoons. The humor is light crazy and sharp and your never bored as the shows are short and snappy(10 minutes long each).Spongebob has been around for almost 13 years and the quality has not yet declined, if anything it has got better. My only worry is that really with the anouncement of a new Spongebob Movie, the quality will decline although I sincerely hope it dosen't. The shows greatest creation however has to be Squidward Tentacles , hes grouchy, grumpy and just downright awful. So the complete opposite of the happy and bubbly Sopngebob. These two characters clash nicely ( with Squidward being constantly infuriated by Ppongebob and Spongebob not understanding what hes doing).

All in all this is a great show really worth 10 minutes of your time.

Joseph Baird

Skyfall (2012)
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Well Mr Bond I'm Impressed., 16 November 2012

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I cannot believe the quality of this film. From the opening to the end I was left hooked. There was lots of action but not so much that there was no story. I particularly liked the scenes towards the end were bond returns to his home to fight off Raoul, with help from the old gamekeeper and M. This movie was full of twists and turns from Raoul Silva being a former agent to the gripping finale with M's death. I find the opening to be particularly interesting with Adeles theme song titled "Skyfall" being extremely fitting. The star performance in this movie goes to M herself. She clearly shows that shes underpressure and scared about what Raoul will do next.

This film is really worth the watch.

Joseph Baird

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It's really not that bad., 13 November 2012

I think what the people who are reviewing this show need to remember is who this is aimed at. Not the 20-40 year olds who are reviewing it no, its the 10year old's who actually enjoy it. The show is not that bad at all but in no way is fantastic. The thing is as long as the target audience is happy doesn't that make a good show? My 10 year old cousin watches the show and enjoys every moment of it. Its simple harmless fun that people really need to get over. My one major complaint is that although its good, annoying orange was not made for a TV show. The quality is nowhere near as good as the quick 3 minute episodes on the shows YouTube channel. To finish I will say this, The High Fructose Adventures Of Annoying Orange is simple quick humor to keep your 7-10 year old entertained for a few minutes but in no way is aimed at anyone above who will just find it ridiculous.

Joseph Baird