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A really good caper flick, 9 February 2006

A n early 60's British "caper" film, that never fails to make me laugh, whenever I get the rare pleasure of seeing it.

Tery Thomas, and a cast comprised of mostly (hysterical) old women plot to rob a bank.

Where most movies today are not character driven, this little slice of silliness shows the care that was once put into film, even in what would've been considered a "B'" film.

The comedy here is verbal, a little bit slapstick, and as such a lot will pass you by if you don't pay attention. One of my favorite little jokes involves a rather bosomy mature woman (who is quite obviously a lesbian, but being as this is the early '60's, and also being England), it is alluded too, rather than spoken. Her "job" is to "teach" young debs(?) how to act like a lady.

At one point one of her "pupils" leaves her "lesson," and the look she gets from the "teacher" is hysterical. You know exactly what she's thinking. Very few comedians excel at making you laugh simply with a look (only two that come to mind are Lucille Ball and Molly Sugden- from Are You Being Served?).

The whole movie, which is relatively short will leave you with a smile on your face, and fond recollections, which after all - isn't that what a good movie should do?

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You'll laugh, you'll cry! An IMPORTANT "message" film that tugs at your heart! (or wretch...), 6 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have a question: Why is it that everyone who's got a job, but no "significant other" (wife, husband, boy/girlfriend..puppy, etc) is almost always portrayed as a nice, but seething underneath lonely-beyond-words wreck? Think for a moment about that, as before I decided to write this, I thought I'd peruse some others reviews. I was amazed at the number of people who described this cinematic exercise as something really good!

Some of the more ridiculous comments were:

- "(The)... two characters in this film are adorable, seemingly mismatched and yet a perfect relationship" (This idiot thought this was the ODD COUPLE crossed with WHEN HARRY MET SALLY I guess. If they think that they're a "perfect match, I could only imagine the train wreck relationships they'd been involved in with living humans. Those they didn't end by burying in the woods).

"It goes without saying that the performanc of Bill Nighy is ... of understated pathos as Lawrence and Kelly McDonald is gracious as the mysterious but steely Gina." (Nighy IS a good actor generally, but NOT understated at ALL in this film. Eh, McDonald's mysterious but steely? How bout shallow and pushy?)

- "Wow - I just hope some important people see this (What 'important' people? The head of Ringling Brothers Circus? Hugh Hefner? Leroy Neiman? It helps to think things out before saying them. Besides, part of the message in this film is how we ALL need to do our part to help) "What a great little love (?) story too." (again, this person's probably never kissed another human on the mouth, much less lived with someone else.. Human..and alive that is.)

- "(a) superlative TV drama that makes its political points without resorting to grandstanding or heavy-handedness." (I'd like to see what you DO consider heavy handedness and grandstanding then!)

-"This is one of the most accomplished TV dramas I have ever seen, " (Right up there with the old ABC AfTER SCHOOL SPECIAL: 'message movies, you've not seen a lot of films, I'd guess,

- "Gina was...delightful (delightful? She ruins a man's life!) and her last line "does it matter?" was very powerful" (Get the violins please! And a bucket!)

I'd say to all those I quoted above they can get jobs doing those awful blurbs one sees in the ads for truly wretched films. ("BUTTERFLY WAS A GRIPPING AND TOUCHING LAUGH-A-MINUTE ROMANTIC COMEDY MADE YOU THINK. THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL LOVE IT! A MUST SEE FILM! MARIAH CAREY GIVES AN Oscar CALIBER PERFORMANCE THAT WILL TUG AT YOUR HEART

With those comments in mind,I thought I'd watch this film.

Whoa! Big mistake!

Okay, back to my original question: Why is it that everyone who's got a job, but no "significant other" (wife, husband, boy/girlfriend..puppy, etc) is almost always portrayed as a nice, but seething underneath lonely beyond words wreck? I know a lot of people who are quite happy to not be tied down. In no way would they be so dumb as to jeopardise their livelihood with some lunatic they just met - and certainly not take on a world important business trip!

If I'd been in that position (and I believe almost anyone with a brain would agree), I would've tried to cut Gina off as quickly and politely as possible. When it got to the point that Lawrence is called in by security to explain , and told Gina must leave, I would've personally kicked her into the Atlantic Ocean if she said no.

But to THEN bring her BACK to the big dinner, where she really puts the final nail in his coffin. I don't know ANYONE that lonely who'd be that stupid to jeopardise their career (and he was not at an age where he could easily get another job) for ANYONE, much less a girl who I did not know, who'd already demonstrated her utter lack of care for me. And he had the nerve to say how "they" gave him a a choice of whether or not to not bring her back!

Another reviewer noted how Gina, the supposed caring girl, utterly destroys the one man who she supposedly cares for! I wouldn't let anyone hurt me, so why on earth would I allow anyone to ruin my employment, the ONE thing I have in my life?

The character of Gina is supposed to be one who is so caring of others that she'd do anything to help, even to her own detriment, (she says at one point how she always gets in trouble for sticking up for the underdog! She ruined a man's life!

If Gina was in the real world, she'd realise that she'd get a lot farther if she "worked" the system, rather than just being a grand standing idiot who's monomaniacal beliefs hurt the ONE person who does(?!?!) care.

You DO attract more "bees with honey.' Her destruction only really hurts poor Lawrence, and not much else.

While world hunger is valid and important, this movie's holier than thou attitude just hammer you over the head. It's all a pretentious exercise and makes me ask the powers that be to take the camera away from this man, and NEVER let them direct anything Same with the writer.

I cannot say how angry this movie made me with it's tone. While some might think that at least it made me think about world hunger, the truth is no- it made me think about what an utterly horrible person Gina was, and what a jerk Lawrence is.

Last Night (1998/I)
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what REALLY matters, 1 July 2004

Don McKellar directs/wrote/stars in one small movie that asks us... what is REALLY important?

The world is about to end (how is irrelevant) and we follow a (seemingly) random bunch of people as they fill there last hours.

On one level they all want to make dreams/desires/fantasies they've held onto happen. Our main character, Patrick Wheeler is caught between fulfilling his parents plans and his own.

I don't want to give too much of this simple, beautiful and heartfelt movie away, but I think it boils down to a question of opening ourselves up - to be less alone - and to let love in. I think that one thing Mr. McKellar is trying to say is that the power of love- true love (NOT lust) will get us through - no matter what the obstacle.

I've seen this movie several times, and am the last person to be swayed by big Hollywood films that try to "steer" you to "feel" for their characters. Last Night is NOT an action picture. It moves slowly, and builds to an ending that never fails to bring a tear to my eye. I hope you enjoy it is much as I do.