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not horrible, not brilliant., 16 September 2012

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I voted this a 5 because it's right in the middle. it's neutral. I don't find it awful (it's too similar to the original to be awful) it's just not all that good. When I saw the commercial for this I thought it looked pretty good. However, in the commercial I didn't see that the names are the EXACT same as the original, as are pretty much all the lines.

I'm afraid I don't see the point in remaking a show if all you're doing is switching the actors from British to American and slight changes to script (obviously no American guy will be going around calling people

words I can't insert here or chase after "birds"). they even made Will hit a disabled person again, sure it was a football and not a Frisbee this time, but the idea is the same. While some people might think that's the idea of a remake, to just literally 'remake' the same thing a second time I thought it'd be more different. Even just by giving the characters different names would have been enough for me. When I hear the names Will, Neil, Simon and Jay I think of the four -not horribly nerdy but a long ways from popular- British guys. It just doesn't jive well that Jay's now overweight, Will's actually pretty cute and Neil's got long hair! Nothing wrong about the actors, it's just that those characters have already been played.

Now for the good, after all I did rate this a 5 not a 1 or anything so I must have liked something. Well I liked the original, the story line was real and it was good. so having basically the same storyline, there were still some funny parts, I still enjoyed it (just not nearly as much)

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Excellent comedy, had me laughing out loud, 16 September 2012

First came across this show in the "People who liked this show also like.." section of IMDb (love that tool, it's just like the recommendations side bar of youtube, brings you to great things) Anywho, I watched the movie, thought it was alright. However I like the show much better. Honestly had me laughing out loud at least a couple times for each episode. It's a very crude sense of humour though, so if you don't find that funny, chances are you won't like the show.

As much as I would have liked more episodes, I think the amount there were was fitting. It never got too out of hand.

All in all, excellent show. good for some laughs. I will definitely be checking out some other British comedies. I've seen some commercials for the new MTV version of this show. I can't imagine how they'll do it. I haven't seen Skins (either UK or American) but apparently MTV didn't do it justice. I think the issue is that the American version of the show they bleep out all the swears and blur out certain body parts. Like I mentioned earlier, this show has a crude sense of humour. You just can't do crude and be censored. However as a fan of this show I'll check it out just to see how they do.

ANYWAYS, this show if great. check it out if you haven't yet.