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A wonderful portrayal of Jesus, 10 December 2005

The first time I saw this film, I loved it. It was different.

I am a Christian (Bible believing). I don't go along with the crowd of right wing believers. I dropped out of that atmosphere.

To me in their attempts to take over our government they are doing what Judas tried to do. I call it the Judas Syndrome.

Judas didn't get it, even though Jesus said his Kingdom was not of this world.

This film certainly showed some of that.

I also liked that Jesus enjoyed the simple pleasure of playing games and jokes with his disciples.

Also he was a very gorgeous Jesus.

It's a watch-over and over movie.

Very satisfying.

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Amazing Psychology in this Intriguing Movie, 30 June 2004

I had never heard of this movie. I watched it the other night on Turner Movie Classics.

Robert Montgomery is amazing in this role. His subtle English accent reminded me of Paul McCartney. He is totally immersed in this role.

Rosalind Russell is not that impressive until about the middle of the movie.

Her unwilling attraction to Babyface finally makes sense.

The other great performance was by Dame May Witty. She fell hook, line, and sinker for Babyface.

Had Babyface not been so self-destructive and amoral probably Mrs. Bramson would have left him her entire estate.

I strongly recommend this movie. It is beautifully filmed, directed, and acted. It is one of those movies made in the 30s that is surprisingly better than many of today's movies, and much more intrinsic in its twists and turns. All of the characters are defined and varied.

This could give Hitchcock a run for his money.