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The Libertine (2004)
Just watch it for Depp
28 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Set in the year 1678, Johnny Depp plays the scandalous John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester. The film is based on the Earl's escapades through London, of his affair with whore/actress Elizabeth Barry (Samantha Morton), to the writing of a vulgar sex-driven play which shamelessly parodies the individual who assigned him to write it, King Charles II (John Malkovich), leading to the Earl's exile and his eventual demise.

I saw this film one day after it premiered here in Australia. Sadly, it was only a limited release, fortunately for me, it was showing at my local cinema. I went in and had plenty of expectations for this supposedly controversial Johnny Depp film. Actually it was only me in the cinema, there were others, but they left during the film. I don't blame them, I guess you could say it was overrated. And as for my expectations, they were thrown out the window.

But seriously, it does have Oscar appeal, but I wouldn't watch it a second time, once was truly enough! If you want to see it just for Johnny Depp, then go straight ahead. But you've been warned, you've never seen him in a role like this!

Thank you for your attention.
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Corpse Bride (2005)
Burton, you've still got it!
24 November 2005
Tim Burton's 'The Corpse Bride' is about Victor Van Dort, a sweet man with a gentle nature, his parents arrange for him to be married to Victoria Everglot, a genuine soul like himself. Unfortunately her parents believe that the Van Dort family are beneath them and think their son is a poor choice for their daughter.

On the night of their wedding, Victor screws up his vows and is sent off to practice them alone, whilst he is doing so, Victor says them perfectly and pretends that a stick in the ground is Victoria's finger and places the wedding ring on it. Much to Victor's shock, the stick in the ground is a finger, a finger belonging to a female corpse wearing a wedding dress. Unaware of what he has done, he has married a corpse!

Very much lived up to my expectations. Done in the dark romantic tradition of Tim Burton's work, teaming up once again with the versatile Johnny Depp.
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Madagascar (2005)
Just plain overrated...but hey, it was fun
1 July 2005
I've just returned from the cinema after watching Madagascar and what can I say? It was good, but not great, don't get me wrong I love Dreamworks, they dish out pretty good cartoons, but this time, it lacked...I think the reason it sold out is because of its cartoony cast of Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Personally they should all be in a sitcom together.

Back to the flick Madagascar, what can i say? I enjoyed it, it was similar to what if the Lion King was raised in captivity and all the hilarious antics that went with it. It's your usual buddy animated comedy, it lacked the X-factor that all of Dreamworks pictures is worth. But still I felt like dancing after hearing King Julian sing a song I haven't heard since the nineties.

It's not Dreamworks' best animated feature, I guess their only real moneymaker is Shrek 1 + 2, which I believe is being milked for all its worth, what with Shrek 3 + 4 to be released in some years to come.

Word on the digital media scene is that Pixar also has a zoo animal animated comedy in production aptly titled 'The Wild'. Who knows maybe they'll do a better job?

Thank you
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What can I say? Tim Burton has imagination
22 June 2005
"Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" is about the holiday worlds, in particular Halloween town which kinda links to the word 'nightmare' in the movie's title. In Halloween town, it is run by Jack Skellington the pumpkin king, after celebrating their homeland's holiday Halloween, Jack begins to feel sad because every year is the same old thing, with that he goes walking through the forest and doesn't return home all night, during that time he came across unfamiliar territory which are the gateways to the other holiday worlds, Jack picks the door to Christmas town.

And the whole story takes off from there.

The whole movie is fun to watch, the songs are pretty catchy and the whole storyline was easy to understand. Tim Burton has imagination and I give him credit.

Thanks for your attention
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It was great
2 April 2005
I recently saw Hating Alison Ashley in the cinema and I was blown away by Delta Goodrem and Saskia Burmeister's performances. First of all I would like to say that is appalling no one supported this film, it was brutally honest, as an individual I can empathise with the character Erica Yurken, mainly because I understand her upbringing and her complex behaviour and then there's the character Alison Ashley who everyone thinks is all perfect and has everything, until you get to know her properly. The author Robin Klein has created many characters that people can relate to especially high school students. It was very well done for Australian standards, haven't seen a good Aussie flick like this since "Looking for Alibrandi" or "Strictly Ballroom".

As for the film, just proof that Australians have potential to tell a good story.

Hating Alison Ashley? Nah, she's alright.
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I only watched it for Stuart Townsend
8 March 2005
As the title says, if you're a big fan of one actor then just watch it for that actor, but the movie wasn't so bad as many reviewers have dogged it, I rented it out, watched it, had no expectations, just had a good time watching it with my one piece of eye-candy Stuart Townsend as the smothering Dorian Gray.

It's your typical action/adventure type of movie, that's all, if you just want to hang out with your mates on the weekend and rent out something, rent out League of Extraordinary Gentleman. You'll be impressed by special effects, that's all I can really say.

And girls if you love Stuart Townsend, this one is for you.
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Hitch (I) (2005)
Empathy for the common man
5 March 2005
I recently went to cinema with my friend and saw this great romantic comedy and it made me realise that sometimes men do need help in the romance sector and what better man to get advice from, the date doctor himself Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens (Played by an always gentlemanly Will Smith). But there's always somebody trying to expose them for who they really are, the gossip columnist Sara Melas (played by sultry beauty Eva Mendes) I won't give away much, because it will spoil the good story. But I will tell you this, females will change their perspective on the male species after this film and be dancing around after because of a great film soundtrack.

And sometimes you just need to take chances.

Thank you.
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Garfield (2004)
This movie was a joke
1 February 2005
As the title says, this movie was a joke and an insult to one of my all time favourite cartoon cats. I had no intention of watching this film, but the only reason I watched it was because I was babysitting little kids and they wanted to see it.

What was wrong with it? First of all, the character Garfield cannot be created in 3D, that is plain wrong if any of you study computer animation like myself, I mean would you go insane modeling it and then wait eight hours a day for it to render out? I don't think so.

There was no point for the song 'Hey Mama' by Black Eyed Peas in the film mainly because that song is a rump shaker song, which has no place in the film, or least when Odie starts dancing.

Odie! Now there's a disappointment, we all remember that sweet yellow pup from the original series right?

What about Nermal? Isn't he/she supposed to be a cute kitten? And have a girly voice? And be Garfield's cousin? And isn't Arlene supposed to be Garfield's gal pal and admirer?

Sorry if I seem overly critical, I've been a fan for years.

Anyway, this film is only meant for little kids and not for anyone who has been a big fan for years like myself.

Thank you for your attention
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Big Fish (2003)
Well done Tim Burton
29 December 2004
This movie I wanted to see because it seemed like a good film at the time, but it was a tragedy to see this film crash and burn, there wasn't anything wrong with it, the story was inspiring and trust me once you watch it you become part of it.

The story is about Edward Bloom (Albert Finney/Ewan MacGregor), a man who has been best known to stretch the truth. Now he is ill and his only son Will (Billy Crudup) comes to visit him in his last dying days, during that time Will begins to learn more about his father by hearing his tall tales of his life which included meeting his wife and many friends.

Basically the film is a series of flashbacks of Edward Bloom's life, which we the audience become a part of.

If you're a big fan of inspirational films, this one is for you.

All in all, I give it a 10/10

Thank you
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Cast and crew stand up and take a bow!
28 December 2004
Now I have never seen this classic in the theatre before, I supposed to go see it when I was eleven years old, but now I'm twenty and when I heard about a film adaption of the Phantom of the Opera I was raring to see what was so special about it. And trust me I love Broadway.

Now since I am a singer you would expect me to be a little be a bit critical, but what I watched that night in the cinema I was blown away! That Emmy Rossum sung so beautifully as Christine and she's only nineteen, a year younger than me! Now I have heard that the theatre version was ten times better, now recently I was going through my parents' CD collection and I found the original cast recording of "Phantom of the Opera" on double CD and I listened to the two CDs and once again I was blown away, so in comparison, honestly I didn't have a problem with the two versions, both were equal in brilliance.

And thank God they didn't give the role of Christine to Anne Hathaway because I would of tried to prevent myself from laughing!

Gerard Butler? Wasn't he that guy who sucked us girls in for "Dracula 2000"? Yep it was, he played the Phantom, but I was shocked when I found out he could actually sing! (Or at least I believed he sang) No wonder Mr Schumacher wanted to meet him after "Dracula 2000". Good cast there and may I say Emmy Rossum is one lucky actress cause she got to kiss him in the film! If I ever met her in real life I would say to her "Good on ya! I would of loved to be in your shoes!"

Mr Schumacher did a good job bringing this famous musical to the silver screen and Sir Webber should be proud, what was it? The 7000th performance? That deserves a standing ovation. BTW, if you recall Schumacher's work with the Batman sequels, we even a get reference to Batman's mask in the film, if you look closely at the Phantom's mask.

What an amazing production, that's millions spent well...I'll give it a 10/10.

If it was up to me, I would have stood up in the cinema and applauded.

Thank you for your attention.
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Troy (2004)
An eye candy historical film
19 December 2004
Wolfgang Petersen presents 'Troy', an historical epic...are you sure about that?

It didn't do well at the box office I can tell you that, but if you are a whizz at ancient history, then you'll enjoy 'Troy'. To me it was just Hollywood heart-throbs packed in a historical film.

It starred Brad Pitt as the legendary warrior Achilles (man, did he work out for this role!), that newly tight muscular body, you may wonder why many girls came to watch the film. He acted well Brad Pitt, this might earn him an Oscar nomination. Keep dreaming mate!

Eric Bana definitely cannot take on serious roles, because when I was in the cinema with my sister, we kept remembering his days as a comedian and couldn't help laughing because he was trying so hard to be a good actor. His portrayal of Prince Hector was brilliant no doubt despite my continuous giggling during the film.

Prince Paris played by (old-school honey)Orlando Bloom. He is a little boy in compared to the acting skills of Brad Pitt and Eric Bana combined and for a treat we even got a reference to the character Legolas from "Lord of the Rings". Because Paris uses a bow and arrow.

There was one scene I wanted to be the best, but it was only seconds long. The supposed love scene between Briseis (Byrne) and Achilles (Pitt), my only criticism is that it could have been longer and even more steamy.

Anything else? Well I recently bought the DVD and there's nothing much on it to satisfy any movie nerd's desire. But they did have a hall of Greek Mythlogy where you can learn about the Gods.

To end off, what was wrong with it? Despite millions of dollars down the toilet and not enough to focus on, mainly that it was plain overrated.

Well if you're a big fan of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, go and watch it.

Thank you
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I, Robot (2004)
Well done Will Smith
19 December 2004
If you honestly think this is Will Smith's best performance then you obviously haven't watched "Ali" yet.

I'll give Will Smith credit, he produced a damn good film and performance but it still was along the lines of 'Bad Boys 1 & 2', 'Men in Black', 'Enemy of the State' and lest we forget 'Wild Wild West'. Will Smith has massive potential if any of you remember his more serious films like 'Six Degrees of Separation' and 'Ali'.

Back to 'I, Robot', what was wrong with it? Nothing really, I went to the cinema to be blown away and I did, it satisfies the hardcore movie nerds like myself.

The special effects were out of this world, the robots were impressively designed, the car chase scene was smashing, script was okay and anything else I can give away in the film.

Did I mention Will Smith has a nude scene?

If I spoke about the film in general I'd practically give away the whole storyline because it's pretty straight forward.

In conclusion go and rent out 'I, Robot', watch it with your mates on the weekend and don't have any expectations.

Don't over-analyse it, just have a good time watching it.

Thank you for your attention.
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Loved it, however Mr Rodriguez you should of...
7 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Director Robert Rodriguez finally dishes out his third and final installment of his 'El Mariachi' trilogy, we present to you 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico', story of a gun slinging guitar playing hero who is hired by a corrupt CIA agent for a mission to kill General Marquez and save the President of Mexico from being murdered, sounds interesting? It sure does.

Don't get me wrong I love Mr. Robert Rodriguez with a passion because he is on my long list of directors I aspire to. But there was so much more he could of done with this film. As a dedicated film lover and animation student I will list a few.

Okay first of all, great cast, no mistake there, Johnny Depp was banging as the corrupt CIA Agent Sands, Antonio Banderas made us all swoon again as El Mariachi and Salma Hayek we barely got to see at all because we find out she is dead. Also joining the kick-ass cast were Willem Dafoe, Eva Mendes, Mickey Rourke, Ruben Blades and surprisingly Enrique Iglesias, just to name a few.

Now most movie-viewers will tell you the movie has no real plot, well I hate it to break it to those people but you just didn't pay attention to the film now did you? Yes the film does have a plot you just have to pay attention to it.

Okay the other actors casted were stand outs but during the film you realized they needed more to do, I wasn't sure if Mr Rodriquez wanted to leave that open so fan fiction writers would have their fun. But I let that slide.

Special features on the DVD are the best! You realize how much effort was put into this film, from special effects to advantages in shooting in HD (trust me if you study film or animation, watch this!) and we get to learn how to cook Puerco Pibil, a certain roasted pork dish that was the absolute favourite of Agent Sands that drove him crazy and made him shoot the cook in the film.

If there was anything I could change about this movie as a director it would have been to give Agent Ajedrez (Eva Mendes) more screen time and expanded her relationship with Agent Sands (Johnny Depp), maybe given them a little love scene. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing Mendes and Depp work together again on another film, because I thought they had steamy chemistry on-screen together. Also would have given a name to El Mariachi and Carolina's child (who is also dead in the film). And maybe even expand the details of the main characters backgrounds, so we don't end up wondering.

To end it off, I enjoyed the movie if weren't for little things I will push aside.

Mr Robert Rodriguez you have massive potential so use it mate!

Thank you for your attention.

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Van Helsing (2004)
Mr Sommers! What were you thinking??
10 October 2004
First of all I heard so much praise for this particular action flick. Director Stephen Sommers did so well with "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns", but somehow lost his way when it came to "Van Helsing". What was wrong with it? Besides almost shattering Hugh Jackman's acting career and adding to the humiliation of Kate Beckinsale's acting career? Nothing really. However, lots of really good special effects, a drool-worthy cast and a poorly developed script, don't sell at the box office, that is where films like "Troy" are catergorised.

The cast was well hand picked, Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing, he is a man of many talents but I wasn't entirely sure if he made a good decision signing on for this picture, Kate Beckinsale is beautiful as Anna, but I'll admit that her Romanian accent in the film was almost laughable if you know what I mean. Richard Roxburgh as the one and only Count Dracula, excellent pick and I'll agree most of the girls in the cinema went home smiling after they heard his sexy Romanian accent, David Wenham as Carl, he made the audience laugh out loud and in every good action picture you need a comic relief and Wenham made us laugh. So the cast was delicious. But that didn't seem to work for the viewing public.

I'll be honest with you I only watched it because of Hugh Jackman. I think most female viewers watched it because of Jackman and the male viewers watched it because of Kate Beckinsale.

It also flopped because of the overload of special effects, as a digital animation student we need to earn a living so you can't blame us there. However action packed special effects movies don't sell well, that is where "Chronicles of Riddick" went down hill.

Now the script is where the biggest blunder is. I shall quote from the film: "...Because the only thing that can kill him is a werewolf...". Okay anyone who has an extensive knowledge of vampires should correct them if they are wrong. Where were the writers who wrote the scripts for 'The Mummy' and "Pirates of the Caribbean" I ask you? The answer is unknown.

I recently bought the Van Helsing DVD and was taken in with all the special features, since I have studied film and animation I am all for 'Behind The Scenes' and I developed empathy for the cast and crew, as a director you never believe that your film is going to crash and burn. Also it is good that you have a good time making the film and judging by what I watched on the featurettes, they seemed happy.

Mr Sommers, don't take it personally, just learn from your mistakes and if you're going to make a sequel to Van Helsing, please try harder!

Thank you for your attention.
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10 September 2004
I rented the DVD out last week to watch the film that made Australia proud by winning that shiny gold Oscar.

This movie was short, it was only twenty minutes, but in that twenty minutes you become part of the little soul that is Harvie Krumpet, the animation was done by stop motion/claymation (which is tedious, trust me I study animation). The story is funny and sad at the same time and I promise you, once you watch it they'll be only 'one song' you'll be singing!

And you feel engaged in the film thanks to the great narration done by Geoffrey Rush, he has one of those powerful voices.

I rate this movie 10/10 and recommend it to everyone and anyone studying animation.

Thank you.
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An incredible film I recommend to everyone
9 September 2004
An adaption of the book 'Finding Fish'. This story is about a troubled young sailor Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke) who tells the painful story of his past to a psychiatrist Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington). A brilliant debut performance by Derek Luke and an always stunning performance by Denzel Washington.

This movie was incredible on so many levels and I was disappointed that it didn't win an Oscar, I think it was because it was released at a bad time that's why it was overlooked. I strongly recommend this film to everyone, you'll be touched by his story and it really does make the audience become empathetic with this young man that is Antwone Fisher.

If you like inspirational true stories, then watch Antwone Fisher.

Thank you
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I loved it...
3 September 2004
Possibly the most amusing movie I've ever seen, it's all about Greeks and more Greeks and I can relate to this movie because most of my school life I grew up with kids of European descent, so I knew what they were all about.

Okay the movie was straight forward, we have Toula (cue Nia Vardalos), a thirty year old woman who yearns for more than just her Greek-bred life, then one day she meets Ian (cue John Corbett and dreamy sighs) who comes and changes her life for the good. However her parents don't know about her little romantic romp, but since she's Greek, good news gets around quickly in their big community. And what I really found interesting is that she's a grown woman and still is hassled by her parents, I mean come on! But I guess that's culture for you.

Anyway the whole movie is a classic of culture clashes and family butting-in humour all in a lead up to a wedding, that's priceless!

I recommend this movie to families and anyone who wants to marry someone of European descent. This movie will make you laugh hard!

Thank you!
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Honey (2003)
What can I say? I liked it
20 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say? It was an alright film.

I went to see this film last year and I didn't have much expectations for it, but I was proved wrong and it turned out alright in end. Jessica Alba is a good actress and put a lot of effort into this film, so I'll give her credit for that, Joy Bryant was a disappointment, because I originally liked her performance in the film 'Antwone Fisher' and Zachary Williams was a sweetheart (You just wanna cuddle him!)

The movie starts off like any good Hip Hop film, in a club and we are introduced to the lovely Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba). Now Honey is a struggling dancer who wants to make it big, part time she teaches hip hop at a community centre, works at CD store and is a Club bartender. Sounds interesting? Yeah kinda.

One night, a big time producer Michael Ellis (David Moscow) comes to the club and offers Honey a chance to dance in a music video. Cue the straight hair, fake tan and black spandex. After the success of the video, Michael offers Honey a job as a choreographer But what Honey finds out after working with him, is that there's always a catch. Yes, you guessed it he only wanted 'one thing'.

Then for the rest of the film Honey decides to do something worthwhile, she holds a fund raiser that'll raise money for a new dance school for the kids.

All in all, I'll give it a 10/10, because I left the cinema feeling good about myself.

This is the kind of movie you would watch with your girlfriends at a slumber party or at a pre-teen's birthday party.

Thank you
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