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Sorry about the spelling, I'm Australian and we spell it the first way. :)
Movies I watch when I'm feeling sad.
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Just over 100
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They are not in order... Just Famous Australians
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Well the Rights have been sold for it to be made into a movie. So yeah... ;)
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So the Trylle trilogy rights have been given to a studio. May still be years but still looking forward to it :)
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With the Vampire Academy Series being made into movies I tonight I should also do Bloodlines :)
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Cassandra Clare's trilogy novels brought to life :)
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Okay, don't get all excited. There are absolutely no rumours that the series of four books are being made into movies. I just wanted to create this. :)
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So there are rumours that the series 'Blood Of Eden' about Vampires is being made into a movie. So I thought since I've read the books that I might as well make a list, for who I believe should be cast in it. :)

-- Will Update
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So the new Vampire Academy Movie is coming out sometime this year and this list is who i think should play each character!! :)
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Title is pretty self-explanatory

Not In Order
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Movies and TV's Most Sexiest Actors

------ Not In Order!!
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In Order
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In Order
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Not in Order