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Alex Cross (2012)
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Horrible waste of time, 10 February 2013

The trailers for this movie looked okay. Watched it thinking it would be a regular action flick nothing special maybe with some half decent acting in it. After watching this movie I was again reminded of just how awful Tyler Perry is at acting and making movies. This movie had a horrible script and story line. No character development and the most predictable plot ever. The acting in this movie was atrocious, I was actually somewhat excited to see Matthew Fox in something after lost and playing a completely different type of role. His character had no depth at all. Some pretty poor character development I must say. I would not recommend wasting any money let alone time on this movie. By that I mean that this movie is not even worth an illegal download. Better off watching something else, I am not sure how this wasn't a straight to DVD movie I would have been angry if I actually paid to watch this in the theatre.