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I just cannot stop watching this film, 7 September 2012

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I saw this movie many years ago and never really understood how tragic it was until I viewed it at an older age. I appreciate this masterpiece as I was intrigued by Theresa's story. So much so, that I read Judith Rossner's book and searched the internet for the truth behind the story. It is no secret that this tale was about Roseann Quinn and the tragic end to her life. I hits home as that the main character is really not too much different than some of the women that I knew in my young adulthood. It only took one bad decision to end it all. Diane Keaton did a wonderful job in this role. She seemed so sad because she never really did find what she was looking for. Or did she? I recall that she said she never cried despite the pain she had gone through as a child. She did not even cry at the end of the film. I think that she accepted her fate because she realized that she would never find that father figure that she desired. Very sad story, and so real.