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This fancast is set in a situation where Marvel, in a deal stricken with Fox, can use Fantastic Four characters (but not the team itself), laying way to an all-new all-different mashup of characters. It is intended for a brand new live-action TV Series developed by BBC Productions and Marvel Studios.
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The TV series Star Wars Rebels, if produced in live action form, would have been produced jointly by Lucasfilm, BBC and Disney. And the perfect cast for the series, on my point of view, would have been the following people:
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This fancast for Cloud Atlas is, unlike the original, is more internationally diversed. Many nations, races and cultures, all mixed into one film.
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My choices for the remake of award-winning film The Good Earth is a mixing between nations in Asia. This will make the film less controversial over races of certain characterrs.
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What if Alice Sebold had ported her story The Lovely Bones into a film? This could have been a lot interesting as the film is greatly superior to the 2009 poorly-made film. Let us see the cast and crew.
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Christopher Nolan is rumored to direct a James Bond installment. However, because his production company Syncopy is alinged with Warner Bros, it is not likely for him to helm anything of Bond. So if I was an advisor I would give him something related to 007 like this.
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Although Leonardo DiCaprio proved to be impressive in 2013 adaptation of F. Scott Flitzgerald's book, but the direction of Baz Luhrmann is really, really bad, and I don't like it. Overuse of 3D have brought the original masterpiece down. For this, I'm gonna make something different.