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Man of steel, 18 June 2013

After reading most of the critics reviews on rotten Tomatoes i was very skeptical upon viewing this movie. However all of my doubts went away as soon as i saw this movie and i don't understand why Critics hate this movie. To me it is a very well done well crafted movie with a ton of action pulse a while balanced story to keep the audience entertained throughout. In my opinion this was the superman movie fans like myself were waiting for. Now don't get me wrong it does have its problems but their very minor and easy to look past. Maybe one of the best aspects of this film is the feeling you get after the movie is over as in your not wanting more your not expecting more your satisfied with what you got and to be honest all of Zack Snyder's films are like that. Of course a promising sequel is in the works and well i cant wait to see what they do with this its a great start to maybe a great trilogy.

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Alittle bit of spoliars but not a lot, 22 September 2012

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okay i am going to start off ever review with what worked and what didn't work what worked what worked in this movie is the most was Andrew Garfield in my opinion he played a much better peter parker i actually felt all of his sadness and pain when ever something bad happened to him what also worked was when he became spiderman he was as spider man should be a wise ass wise cracker fun funny with help of emma stone being Gwan stacy i actually felt there relationship it didn't feel rushed like in other spider man movies and i liked that the lizard actually got a chance to be on the screen pulse the web shooters was another great pulse to this movie

what didn't work the only thing that i could find in the film that i kinda of disliked was the part where uncal ben dies felt rushed and kinda of just like hey am dead now you can become spider man other then that i really enjoyed the film

Alittle bit of spoliars but not a lot, 22 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay am gonna start off this review with a what worked and what didn't work What worked in this film i liked that Jake Gyllenhaal was the actor for the main protangist in this film he looked and acted like the same character in the video game which is always a pulse and i liked the fact that the dagger needs a different kind of sand in order to reuse it it works well and makes it realisic the princess looked similar also to the game plot and the story were both decent and easy to follow

Now what didn't work i really didn't like how they strayed so far away from the game i mean prince of persia can be turned into a movie without altering it because then it would have had the progress to create a sequel with a darker verison maybe even a different directer to go along with it and also and pretty much thats it i mean the movie would have been a lot better if they followed the source material but i guess this movie is for people that never played the game i was entertained by the film but disappointed

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If you go into this movie expecting the dark knight then yeah its bad, 3 September 2012

going into this movie i knew it would be terrible but actually i kinda of liked it the plot is crap the acting is god awful but like i said i went in knowing it was a bad movie i did enjoy the movie the ghost rider was in my opinion perfect he didn't talk much thank god just the look of him and the silence spoke more then anything and pulse the movie was directed by the guys that made crank which was also a terrible but enjoy able movie so i give ghost rider spirit of vengeance a 6 out of 10 the acting was terriable the plot was awful but it was enjoy able and the rider was freakin awesome my opinion ithink it would have been better rated R