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Really, Whats with the hate for?
23 October 2012
This movie really had me smiling at the end of it. And thats a good thing, really i could take this over the more recent king Kong any day of the week, this film does not even try to compete with a heavyweight masterpiece like jurasic park and as a result stands up on its own merits.

Forget about the biased cheap scores the review sites have given this film, forget that this film has a cast of relatively unknown cast members, forget that this film isn't scientifically realistic, Just go and watch with an open mind.

Its just so ambitious yet also so modest, one of the few pleasant surprises this year.
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Religulous (2008)
Westerners (OF all religions) red this please
3 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well all i can say, that the biggest reason why religions (at least the 3 major ones) clash all-too-often is because of lack of understanding, if not that then the existence of extremists and this movie doesn't help. It clearly is 110% pro-atheist while making all other believers look like monkeys, we certainly do not need content like this going around, and I'm glad its not too popular,. Problems only arise when members of one religion openly show their superiority over other, this will ALWAYS lead to clashes. Im a Muslim and I'm clearly more than 'moderate' but i also RARELY clash with the more-than-moderate Christian, it gets easy with the rare self-superioring/self-imposing Ethiopian Christian, If you must know in my country (In East Africa) its tough to call which religion is a minority since the BOTH (u know what i mean) are almost equal halves of the population.
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