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Good, but confusing, 3 September 2012

Generally loved this episode, as it delivers everything you want in a season premiere; risk of life, the possible end of everything, a tonne of Daleks and a sneaky plot twist that sets things up to be VERY interesting for the rest of the series.

The only thing that is puzzling me is Jenna-Louise Coleman. Playing the central new character in this episode, I can't recollect her name, but I am pretty damn sure it wasn't "Clara" ("Oswin" or something like it) - yet checking her out on IMDb shows no mention of her or her character name in this episode. It shows her only as appearing in a few episodes' time as this new companion girl. If this is the case, why on earth didn't they get a different actress for this episode?! OK, so Karen Gillan may have made a cameo appearance as a background character long before she reappeared as Amy Pond, but that was in make-up, in a role where few would notice - but playing two very different, very central characters in the same series is surely a bit of a no-no? Unless she turns out to be her own twin or something.