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i (2015/II)
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Don't wasted your money and time on she-male love triangle, 19 January 2015

'I' the Most eagerly awaited movie sucked big time. This is Such a big bad movie, I don't know what to say, I've wasted my money, my time. I hate myself for watching this piece of stupidity. I know this is Indian movies, should not be taken as seriously, but even the dance numbers and music videos in this movie were below average. I don't know why the film-makers wanted to make a film in this pathetic level.

The movie plot deals on a Virus named "I" and how it affects a male Supermodel's life. If you can digest graphic nature of the subject, plus she-male love triangle, and mediocre song numbers, give it a try on Shankar's "I". Anything good was from the surprise villain Suresh Gopi and Upen Patel (with his dubbed voice).

Watch out for the abundance of product-placement. Unlike any other Shankar movies which has stunning VFX Sequences, this movie doesn't break in any new ground. Even the movie posters sucked.

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Total Let Down Movie - Supe In Disaster Porn, 14 June 2013

Too much destruction, Too much CGI,Poor dialog,Uninteresting story and characters. Maybe the director & studio wanted to outdone the standard put by Micheal Bay's TRANSFORMERS Films. Even the new Superman theme sucked, Hans Zimmer provided a lame score compared to his iconic theme for BATMAN.

Anything good was from Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. And also the FIRST HALF with stunning VFX scenery. This is totally 70's Superman with steroids. Not a Reboot, just VFX mockery.

Yeah I'm done with Superman. Batman got the best reboot in cinematic history, I don't think anything can compare.

I give this movie 1 out of 10.

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Again another dumb musical for Asians, 11 November 2012

I don't know why Bollywood films are still producing soap opera based musicals in large scales. May be most of the population are poor, illiterate, religious and dumb or they don't have any access to international movies. Any way i happened to watch an advance screening of most hyped Bollywood movie 'JTHJ'. I must say one of the lame movies I watched in recent years. Not because it's 'boy meets girl' or 'pretty people fall in love' storyline, it was one of the craziest love triangle ever filmed in a Bollywood film. Story is simple, leading man stuck with his past, find it difficult to live in the present, reason his past, present relations, I can't reveal much more about the plot line in this spoiler free review. I must say this movie is for the ladies, or estrogen driven males, to enjoy this sort of enlarged melodramas. I have no problem with musicals, or recent twilight movies, but I don't think they deserve a good spot in realistic serious movies in worked cinema.

Anyway anything good in the movie was the visuals, camera works and some background scores. Also the actress and supporting girls tried their best to look surreal beautiful in every frames. And the leading man who looked so aged for the part, was so overacting, but wait it's a musical, and from Bollywood, so it's OK i think, good for a single watch.

I give this movie 2 out of 10.Sorry I am not a musical song dance number fan.

Spanglish (2004)
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Great Film! Great Film! Simply the Greatest Film!, 11 November 2010

I watched this movie with nothing in my Mind. I got my 2hrs of amazing movie experience by watching this film. THIS MOVIE REALLY IS AN Oscar MATERIAL. I really think this movie truly deserves an Oscar (for it's simplicity, sub themes).

All the cast members really worked in this MASTERPIECE. It's truly a GEM. I really respect Adam Sandler for showing his versatile acting side also the leading lady Paz Vega. Even the child artist were perfect in each role. This movie is drama/ comedy...or a little Black comedy. But the bottom-line is "This movie really made my day".

This movie deals with self identity, family values which is extremely hard to see in today's world.

Too bad it didn't get nominated for the Academy Awards that year (but the irony is bad mediocre pathetic movies like SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, went for Oscars).

This is Hollywood's best. Too bad if you miss this WELL SPIRITED ONE. ( and I am not a typical movie viewer, or an average reviewer, I am a professional Film Editor/VFX artist who got real taste in SERIOUS cinemas, and I am saying this "SPANGLISH is a MASTERPIECE").

I give this movie 10 out of 10!

Enthiran (2010)
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Failed the Hype., 27 September 2010

I got the chance to watch the special screening of this movie. And I don't want to reveal major storyline. In all ways it's a typical Indian mix. It got good songs, over the top action scenes and really bad SCI-FI storyline. Also the actors in this movie done a terrible work. But I think the Indian audience will only look for it's entertainment value. It got all ingredients for a mainstream movie. I think it will satisfy family and young audience alike. But today most of the "main stream" audience move away from gimmicky movies, this film has to prove itself in it's value, and it's uniqueness. I have to give credit to the director. He done a great job for assembling major talents, technicians for this project. Any way give it a try. Good for a single viewing experience.

Kites (2010/I)
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This is GOLD, only watch the INTERNATIONAL English Version, 17 May 2010

I am not into dumb Musical movies, especially Bollywood ones and when I got the Chance for Special screening of Kites, I simply turned down. But I decided to give a try for it's International Version crafted by the XMEN 3 LAST STAND director Brett Ratner.

I expected a mediocre typical Bollywood Stupid Musical Dance movie, but this one broke the mold. This movie will be remembered as the Trendsetter of Hindi films in the International Grounds.

It is a Rollar Coaster film, but with a Heart. I don't want to spoil all the story but it reminds me some of the movies like Stallone/Sharon Stone's Specialist, Mr & Mrs Smith, Bonnie & Clyde, even a Hindi film Daud, but all those stands down in-front of Kites.

I don't know how the Hindi version would look like, how the conservative audience react to Kites. With some Intense Physical scenes and unique narration which really required for the story material, I think this movie is going to be a "Love It or Hate It" category.

The thing I don't like in this movie is the Love story itself, because it's too aimed for Female "Twilight" Audience who worships Romance. Other than that it's a Total Adrenaline movie, with great cast and good locations. The main leading man Hrithik Roshan I think is a well trained actor, with great physique and fight/dance abilities. This could be his "Enter The Dragon" in Hollywood.

Also I have to give credit for Brett Ratner for his experimental Remixed version for the Movie. With no Reshoots, just with the Original and unused material he made the perfect Crossover Product for an Asian film. By hiring composer Graeme Revell the movie got a new dimension and a fresh soul. The action scores and emotional themes heard in the movie were so brilliant, it definitely going to be Graeme Revell's best work after Daredevil and Freddy vs. Jason.

My recommendation only watch the International Cut. It's more cooler, edgy and Real. It is much shorter than the Asian version I heard and much stylish. Also it got no Dumb Song dance numbers (except the last one, which was done brilliantly by lead actor Hrithik Roshan).

Anyway I give this movie 9 out of 10.

Kites = The Next Level

Star Trek (2009)
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Best Film of 2009, 31 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been waiting for this moment, the end of 2009 to write the review which film should be crowned as the Best of this year. And after waiting for Avatar to release, I must say J.J Abrams' STAR TREK deserve the title to be The Best Film Of 2009.

Based on a 1960s TV series, which got great fan-base and cult following, director J.J Abrams tells an original fresh tale with a different take. As the previous sequels failed in the box office the production company Paramount pictures originally intended for a Reboot, many talented well known directors decline to take over the project. But things really changed when Paramount decided to give the baby to the new blood of Hollywood.

Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who showed their reputation in dealing with preexisting materials, as in the movies Mission Impossible 3 and Transformers, which all got preexisting settings and their universe) created an important decision not to make a Reboot to the beloved 40 year old franchise. Their take was to make a sequel which really reinvents the beginning of Star Trek Franchise. And reuniting with director J.J Abrams we got both Visually as well as Story wise a great Cinematic experience.

Star Trek (2009) (*****)

Movie starts with a time traveled captain Nero(Eric Bana) who is looking for Ambassador Spock/Spock Prime(Leonard Nimoy), leading to the destruction of an entire star-ship. His quest for finding Spock was not only to hurt him, but to take revenge on all people who were responsible for the death of his beloved wife and their unborn child.

Things went wrong when a young outcast cadet James T. Kirk(Chris Pine) comes against Nero.

Based on the original characters created by Gene Roddenberry, director J.J Abrams with writers Roberto Orci,Alex Kurtzman tells the Eleventh chapter of STAR TREK saga. Frankly I am not a big TREKKIE fan, but I must say, I like this film for what it stands for. This film got lot of potential, even in story narration as well as in technical side.

I didn't get the chance to see it on theaters, (because of my studies) but while watching it on DVD it got the Big spirit to shake my eyes away. As a VFX student I must give credits to all CGI artist for bringing this Giant out. Especially J.J Abrams for his signature Jerky Hand Held Camera works, which was new to a Sci-Fi movie, really gave an impression of Reality. And his visual sense for using Lens Flare in almost for all major scenes made exploitation of reality into a whole new another level.

Also the editing done by Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon for the camera works of Daniel Mindel made this captivating story into an action packed bonanza. And the cast assembled for this movie was so brilliant, that it fueled the proper tone for a canonical story. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto nailed their parts, but it was Eric Bana who really shined in the picture. (I hated all his previous films starting with Hulk!) I think it was his performance as the revenging antagonist that really made the whole story worked. Also Zoe Saldana's best performance this year apart from Sucking Avatar! Anything bad in this movie was it's music done by J.J's usual collaborator Michael Giacchino. He done an average job in doing space craft action scores, but failed miserably dealing with emotional parts. Especially Spock loosing his mother, his whole planet, there was no affective moods to enrich the scene. Even the trailer music("Two Steps From Hell" done by composers Nick Phoenix and Thomas J. Bergersen)was well known for it's dramatic tone. Abrams really should work with a good composer like John Powell or Brian Tyler.

Anyway I really enjoyed this movie, it can capture both fan and no-fan audience alike. It's the Best Film of this year, I give this movie 10 out of 10 ! and I am waiting for the sequel in the Future.

Star Trek = Best film of 2009

Avatar (2009)
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James Cameron's Mockery of WALT Disney Movies !, 29 December 2009

First of all I am a great fan of James Cameron, and I went to see this movie with great expectation. But very sorry to say that, what I got was a total pathetic version of mediocre VFX-LOVE-DRAMA-STRUGGLE movie.

When I am writing this comment, all those great memories coming into my mind, that first Script Treatment for Avatar I read from the Internet years ago. All those images and there happenings in the script envisioned, went totally upside down when it was finally filmed.

Set in the future 2154 the story starts with a man named Jake Sully a paraplegic former marine, who lost his twin brother and arrives on planet/moon Pandora to replace his brother's assignment in the Avatar program. What is an Avatar? Basically the term taken from Hindu Religion which means incarnation of one of the Hindu Gods taking a flesh form. But in the movie it stands for injecting a human's intelligence into another remotely located biological body.

IE, On Pandora the superior life forms (much like humans) are called Na'vis very tall, lean, blue skinned, big eyed creatures with tails. Since humans cannot breathe Pandora's atmosphere, scientists have created human-na'vi hybrid bodies called Avatars. So they may easily interact with the na'vi and na'vi address them as Dream-walkers.Things went wrong when Jake took his Avatar form in a much more emotional level.

As a VFX student/artist myself, yes Cameron done a great work. It's the first time the Notorious "Uncanny Valley" effect (A viewer intelligence to find unrealistic human characteristics in a CGI Object)failed in the big Screen. The VFX characters never looked so realistic or more precisely looked "PEOPLE in BLUE RUBBER MASK". Total achievement in Visual Effects standard point, the Sound editing, Animation, perfect in all sense. Even tough, personally I think the main character design of Na'vi's looked pathetic, especially that blue color, but hey it's Cameron's favorite color tone.

But the problem in the Avatar is the whole story, JC worked so much in this project for years, but he lost in polishing it, mainly because he concentrated his energy on the VFX side and it can be seen in the whole picture. The major movements in the movie made me Deja Vu, especially that romantic pairs Forest scenes directly taken from Major Walt Disney Animated movies like TARZAN, SPIRIT STALLION OF THE CIMARRON and exactly from FERNGULLY THE LAST RAINFOREST.

And let face it, Cameron is not good at Sissy girly melodrama stuffs so we find mediocre weak dialog, awkward love scenes through out the movie, and I can understand that he's a SCIFI LEGEND not a Woody Allen! ( In Terminator he got help from his uncredited co-writer William Wisher for Sarah Conner's dialog.) If he had left off the romantic angle the movie could have been much better, or may be he just added to make it more DRAMATIC. But the whole story suffered a "WALT Disney Taste" because of that.

Also the music by James Horner was annoying especially in the humor scenes, it sounded stupid and lame. Cameron should choose some one with more integrity and soul like Hans Zimmmer or James Howard Newton. The war cue and the main theme is so forgettable, he should have given his dream project to his usual collaborator Brad Fiedel.

And the cast assembled for this movie was so bad especially the main lead actor Sam Worthington with his dumb voice accent and screen presence I wish to crush my 3D glass. Cameron should give chances to black actors. Anything came good was from Giovanni Ribisi as the aggressive corporate administrator with less screen time. And also Zoe Saldana was interesting with the "ACTOR DRIVEN PERFORMANCE", also must give credits to the animators and VFX crew.

But the most threatening shot I found in this VFX Glowed movie was Sam Worthington realistic poliomyelitis legs done in CGI/Prosthetic practical FX. The Less FX is Much enough, Cameron should know that Rule and should never go to the roots of George Lucas. And I must say the whole Three D experience was not good as I expected, I should have went for the normal theater, this one hurt my eyes and enjoyment.

All in all this is not the Avatar I anticipated, I imagined a far more a intriguing vision from the Terminator Director. What I got was a James Cameron's Mockery of Walt Disney movies. You will enjoy it if you are new to Hollywood Epics, but as an experienced movie watcher I give this movie 3 out of 10.

Only because 1) James Cameron directed THE ABYSS! 2) James Cameron directed TERMINATOR!! 3) James Cameron directed TITANIC!!!

Avatar = Walt Disney Movies on Steroids.

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Good Issue done in Mediocre Bollywood way, 23 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Last week I got that chance to watch the special work print screening of this movie. I had no big expectation from a Bollywood movie , but this one came with a difference.

I don't want to spoil all the story, but I think we will enjoy the movie if we neglect all that usual Bollywood Melo-Dramas and musicals from a typical K.Johar film.

He should have stuck with his usual roots Bublly SONG Numbers. Bringing strong Sensitive issues is not his kind of Work. What we get from "M.N.I.K" is a messed out version of GOOD plot done by bad director.

Anyway I give this movie 3 out of 10.

By the way the director should have given the role to an International actor Much like DEV PATEL or So. The main leading man in this movie is so OVERACTING.

My Name Is Khan = Good for a Single Watch.

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Best BUDDY FUNNY Movie EVER !, 15 December 2009

First of all I had no idea about this movie, it's actors (most of them are unknown to me), director and writers. It aired one day on HBO and I watched it giving up that day's class. This movie is that cool and funny.

Story of two brothers (who are so close and not matured as a normal adult), teaming for good cause for making a Grandchild for their dying father. It's so cool and well written, we lost ourselves in each frames. I highly recommend this to any viewers (females are exception!) seeking for some decent jokes. It's not a rude awkward comedy we usually gets from Farrelly Brothers or Mediocre Spoof movies which usually stands for racial stereotypes homosexual humors and slap stick comedies.

This movie is a GEM!

I give this movie 10 out of 10!

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