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I will try to just add beauty faces, so this list will not be a most HOT's a cute one
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So, im may sound crazy...but here's my list so help me maybe.
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This list starts in january 1-December 31, is my dairy of movies.
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This list is about the most recent movies that in a few years will be called classics, for his screenplay, scenes, quotes, or just for their impact on people. Maybe not as good as The Godfather, Casablanca, Gone with the wind etc. But they are still great movies. (1990-2012) Sorry for the English. Google Translate.
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Since Nolan's Batman is over, everyone is looking for a new cast for upcoming movies and while this batman can bind to a Justice League.
It will be difficult, it is said that the new movie will resemble the game Batman Arkham City.
There should be a cast muuy expert to be at the height of the heath ledger joker, bane of Tom Hardy etc.
So here I leave a list.
Sorry for my English
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