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The films are ranked in order from the best to the 50th best film in the past 30 years.


1) Film must be well-crafted and executed.
2) Extraordinary cinematography that enhanced the story being told.

3) Film resonates with the zeitgeist of the times.
4) The story is unique, creative, and meaningful.

5) If an older film, film feels like it could have been made today and speaks to the cultural/political issues of the times.

6) Film had significant cinematic impact; i.e., it influenced or even created an entire genre of films.

7) Film has significant cultural impact, either immediately or over time. I.e., film vernacular enters into pop culture. (least important factor, to protect small films and foreign films.)
a list of 44 titles
38 so far. Suggestions welcome!
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And by favorite, I mean fun and enjoyable at the time I saw the film.

The movies are listed in chronological order.