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Killer Is Dead (2013) (VG)
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no more killers, 3 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Suda 51 is well known for games that are bat S### insane and we love him for it. what you may not like is that his games are not really that deep preferring style over substance. lollipop chainsaw, shadows of the damned, killer 7 and no more heroes are some of his more crazy games and killer is dead is no exception but has suda gone too far? or has he finally found the right balance of visuals and flash.

Story: vampires, assassins, cyborgs all make for one over the top nutty storyline. play as mondo and carve a path of destruction killing killers. all in all there is not much to comment at its not fantastic but entertaining. characters are fun (some annoying) funny dialogue may be offensive to some but if you like his other games you know what to expect and will keep you through the 9-12 hour game. 7/10

Gameplay:extremely flashy sword fights make up the bulk of combat with sidearms acting as your long range gun. the swordplay covers most of the basics while having its own satisfying feel with some especially satisfying counter moves. this is sudas deepest game yet and it shows but with no jump it feels like it could have opened up more with aerial combat. something that I need to comment on is the gigolo missions again if you don't know suda you will feel a little pervy and wrong and out of place. they are side missions but they have sub weapons as rewards. I wont go into the whole objectifying women thing but it is a blemish on an overall great game play experience 8/10.

Graphics: this game does not have the best graphics or frame rate and has some issues with screen tearing but it has a fantastic art style that makes up for some of its graphical and performance shortcomings. the game as a manga type art style with a few really nice effects (purple explosions rock). 6/10

Lasting power: its not too hard to platinum all the trophy's what it comes down to is how much you enjoy the swordplay or style of the game as there is not too much replay value. 5/10

Verdict: fast, fun, funny and a little offensive but if that's your bag I can dig it, could be better under the hood but you can look past it your in for a solid adventure. 7/10

Grand Theft Auto V (2013) (VG)
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the heist is on, 1 October 2013

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Grand theft auto is a game that has been subject to controversy in news and media it is also one of the finest most well known and highly reviewed games in the mediums history. so after the raging success of GTA4 there where high hopes for this sequel. can this game get away cleanly or will it be sent to bargain bin jail.

Gameplay: Gta5 is an open world game, third person shooter, driving game, sports game, and Sim game its everything and anything you could want in a open world game the sports play like sports game the driving feels fun and fluid and the shooting is fun with snappy aim that at times feels too easy but fun none the less. 10/10 graphics: the game looks fantastic the day to night cycles look great, weather and effects in the environment look fantastic, and the game sounds amazing with realistic gunfire and car noises. draw distance when driving toward mountain's or city's is an amazing moment in of itself. water and ocean effects are also well done. lighting is amazing almost next gen.10/10

Story: the game is well acted all characters come off how they are supposed to if they where meant to be hated and likable people are real enough so they can be identified with. the writing stands out as some of the best in the series its thoughtful and funny and will keep you entertained through the 12 to 14 hour story mode. 10/10

Lasting power: to keep it short without keeping you here for hours there is a bunch of side missions stunts and things to do and the game gives you tools to make your own fun. 10/10

Verdict: a fantastic work of art and fun as hell to play one of the best Gta games out there it should keep you busy until next gen or even next next gen. 10/10

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one prison you may not want to escape from., 3 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

2009's Batman Arkham Asylum was a smash hit when it came out. most people expected it to be just another poorly put together bargain bin licensed we where pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be one of the best superhero games ever and one of the best games period that year. expectations where ramped up for rocksteady when they announced Arkham City did they meet them or is this bat signal busted.

Story The Batman has been locked up in a super-prison made up of a small section of Gotham City by professor Hugo Strange. in one night batman must find out what he is planning and stop him but he is constantly side tracked by the inhabitants of the prison consisting of Mr Freeze,Two Face, Joker and more. the story digs deep into Batman lore and is full of references to other media and comics any bat fan will love and enjoy it and by its end any video gamer wanting a deep but fun story will be satisfied by it amazing but dark ending. voice acting is incredible. 10/10

Gameplay The game builds off of the same fantastic and fluid combat from Asylum. now gadgets and weapons can be integrated into combat for satisfying take-downs. the predator stealth also returns with more moves and mind games added in. puzzles have become a bigger part of City and are never to hard but fun to do. boss fights remain the only low point as there are only one or two that really challenge you. 10/10

Lasting power a huge open world to explore that is full of Easter eggs and secret passages. side missions that are like interesting detective stories and are worth going through. challenge maps that test how well you can fight and can quietly you can take out enemies for trophies and leader boards placement. hundreds of riddler trophies to find adds up for a lot of game time. 10/10

graphics this is one of the best uses of unreal I have ever seen the city looks amazing and character models are awesome. the art style stays true to the Gothic style the books are drawn in and translated beautifully to the game. only downside is texture load in. 9/10

Verdict a game no bat fan should be without and a game that sets a new standard that superhero games will now look up to. 10 bat butts out of 10

Splatterhouse (2010) (VG)
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ever wanted to be Jason Vorheese combined with the hulk?, 19 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

its hard to find a good horror game now or days. Resident evil and silent hill have devolved into action games and it hasn't worked out as well as hoped for both of them but what if there was a game born in action horror and i think we just found it.

on the game play side splatter-house has some fun combat even if sometimes you find yourself button mashing for weaker foes.platforming could use some work but soon you find yourself learning the tricks and it becomes less of a hassle. weapons litter the game ranging from lead pipe to shotgun to even your own arm all are fun to use and violent. splatter kills are the highlight and are fun to pull off ending an enemy in a fountain of gore. upgrades are standard in the game and turn you into a murder god. sometime the game switches into 2.5D game play that calls back to the classic games and are awesome to play in.

graphically the game is not bad but it doesn't stack up with big title games. but the art style and cell shading gives the game merits to be one of the most interestingly crafted worlds i have ever seen. monsters and environments look horrifying... and gooey. sound-wise the game sounds fantastic the monsters screech and the voice acting rocks. standout voice work from Jim Cummings who plays the mask everything he says will make you burst into laughter. the music sounds awesome if your into metal and side-scrolling sections have 80s style horror music thats awesome to.

the story is not what you would expect for this game what seems simple has some surprising twist and turns that help this game become something a little less standard. no MP but they have stages and leader boards to play and extend your time. the game also comes with the first 3 splatter-houses and they are awesome to. oh and nude photos of Jen for all the nasty people out there.

in the end some issues but they are overcome by massive seas of blood game-play 8/10 graphics 7/10 story 8/10 non fans 7/10 people new to this may be thrown off by the platforming but there is a lot to enjoy here. fans 9/10 fans of the sires will find a lot to love with the classics included and the in jokes and the easter eggs of pop horror and the gore lots and lots of gore. overall 8/10

007 Legends (2012) (VG)
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Bond James Bond, 19 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

007 James bond is a bad ass super-spy with over 50 years of history filled with some of the most recognizable hero's, villains, lines, and moments. so making a game celebrating these moments is a brilliant idea so how well are these moments moved from film to game? lets find out.

first off the premise is amazing and that only makes me wish it was executed better. the game opens with a scene from Skyfall and flashes back to the most impressive moments in bond history. the good news is that the moments are executed well but are not pulled together to feel like one cohesive story. the only issue with the moments is that they feel different because of Daniel Craig replacing all the old bonds and how odd it is to be snooping around with a smart phone but its better then remaking the bond movies. other then that it is a well executed game and fun to fight all of the old villains.

game-play wise its nothing great but nothing is broken. its basic FPS fair. some stealth sections are OK but difficult if you don't have a silenced weapon. basic but not broken same goes for the online which feels like a better version of last times Goldeneye reloaded.

graphically the game looks OK nothing fantastic but not dull enough to hate. outside looks better then indoor sections. faces and models look fine there is nothing to hate but nothing to love. voice acting is fine and sound is one of the better tech aspects.

so in the end there is no major issues with 007 legends its a somewhat above average game that is worth your time if you like the sires.

game-play 7/10. graphics 6/10. story 4/10. replay 6/10. non fans 6/10 nothing will catch your attention just a normal shooter. fans 8/10 a lot of awesome moments from some of the best bond films will make you love this game more than others normally would. overall 7

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Fun ride with some bumps on the way, 18 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Need for speed is like the call of duty of racing a new one each year you can look forward to. this time around we have the Run. is it a cross country epic or does it burn out in the first lap lets find out.

story wise there's not much here you play a driver of a fast car and you are trying to win a cross country race without being disqualified by the mob standard story fair with no real twists or turns.

what dose have twists and turns is the game play which is tight as ever you play across several maps mostly in a car but sometimes you have to get out of the car (Gasp) but only in an amusing QTE sequence every once in a while which are action packed and exciting and the tight game play is prevalent over to all modes.

graphically the game is great. a little more time on the human models would be good but the cars look fantastic as do environments as you race across America to survive

all in all a solid NFS title that does a bit to mix things up but not to much that it unrecognizable story 5/10. game play 8/10. graphics 9/10. replay 7/10. for newbies the game is enjoyable and fun to new racers8/10. for vets the game play is mixed up and is surprising and fresh for people who played the older games to experience a true story mode 8/10. overall 8

Resident Evil 6 (2012) (VG)
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the fear is still gone but its interesting., 11 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A new RE game is out and things have continued to change but how much is too much? as for Resident evil 6 this game changes to something vary different. if you where hoping for a return to horror keep looking because this game is about as action packed as it gets.

taking place in 4 campaigns that come together at some points this game crafts a interesting story that keeps you hooked until the end but if you are not a fan or have not kept up this game doesn't do much to keep you in the loop.

this is a game but it has so many game PLAY issues that you wish they had just made a movie. the shooting is dull and doesn't not feel like it belongs in an action game it feels slow and aiming feels awkward more like it was a survival horror game but it's not this is action only and its disappointing that it try's to cater to the horror with one campaign that is not scary. most games have QTEs Were you must mash a button repetitively to not die and most games tend keep it to a manageable extent but RE6 wants you to destroy your controller at almost any enemy that you encounter triggers one of these events and you must be flawless or you will end up dead or badly wounded.

co-op returns this time around and it makes the game a little more manageable. your supply's have been simplified so it is easy to manage between friends i recommend playing with a friend but most Gameplay issues are still prevalent. me mercenaries also returns this time and it is just like the last installment kill zombies and try to keep the clock ticking.

graphically this game is great but nothing really sucks you in enough that when a scare happens its not all that scary monsters look great and so do character models but i wish Leon would shave. a lot of things in the game make callbacks to past RE games but to enjoy them you have to keep up with the series.

its hard to recommend this game there is so much content but some of it is not good. if you are a hardcore resident evil fan then you will love the story even more then i did but the game play is just not all that fun. i recommend seeing the story online and skip the dull game play or find a buddy to play with

graphics 8/10. story 8.5/10. game play 3/10. replay 6/10. if you are a non fan 5/10 not a lot fun to play and story will be hard to understand. for fans 8/10 game play issues aside fans will have a lot to like in the story department and the call backs to past games will make you giggle... like a school girl. overall 7.5

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A love letter to all transformers fans, 2 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

if you are a TF fan like me you may have been a little miffed with the film and game outings. that is until you play transformers:war for cybertron not only a good game but it helped wash away the bad taste in your mouth. now fall of cybertron is out and it blows away expectations on what a good transformers game is. the story mode unfolds like a movie things such as playing optimus prime getting knocked down by a leaper and trying to kill him before he destroys your troops. each chapter in story shows off what an transformer like soundwave or jazz can do each have a ability only they have in the game. this is hands down one of the best 3rd person shooters that i have played in a long time and the scale of this world is massive. this game also has a robust online mode and coop mode the ability to make your own transformer is amazing and a lot of time can be spent finely tuning them. this game is awesome not only for TF nerds but fans of shooters in general. some issues like pop-ins and some glitches happen but not so much that you will stop playing