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Total Recall (I) (2012)
The movie made me THINK.
1 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Total Recall is anything but ordinary. That is to say, the film is second to none! I can say this with certainty on account of these two main reasons.

First, the plot of the film made me dwell on it. The movie has a refreshing story, which shows a secret agent, Hauser figuring out his erased memory. Watching the film, I was confused some of the times because I didn't know for sure if Douglus is having illusions of Hauser on the REKALL chair or if Douglas is actually Hauser. I loved the fact that I could actually ponder seriously while watching the film.

Second, the quotes of Matthias made a great impression on me. He said that one should listen to his heart to know who he really is. He said clinging to the past is not helpful at all and can also do us harm. For me, what Matthias said really helped because now I stopped worrying that I might not do as well as the past. It's not the past that I have to care about, but the present.

As I'm not a native speaker of English, it was not so easy for me to understand the film fully without making mistakes. But one thing for sure, I just luuuved it!
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