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"Girls" (2012)
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Hard to Imagine that this Show Could be Less Compelling, 12 March 2013

Realistic? For whom? This show is pathetic. Not one likable or even interesting character. Completely ridiculous characters and laughable - not in a good way - scenarios. Makes me sad that people think this is entertainment or inspiring. Everyone screwing everyone? Yeah, that's really realistic. Uh huh. I really believe, and sincerely hope, that this is NOT how the "twenty somethings" are living their lives. I think the same people that like this show are the people that think Honey Boo Boo is a good show. I watched all of Season One thinking that it HAD to get better. It only got worse. And Lena Dunham, leave your clothes on and wear more body-type-appropriate outfits. You are gross.

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Maybe if You're a Teenybopper that wants to see Sex, 24 February 2013

Really pretty horrible. I didn't find one single component of this program compelling. A lot of the acting is terrible. The writing is sooooo bad - cringeworthy. Cliché characters and cliché lines. IMHO, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was much, much better than this - if that tells you something. I enjoyed that show for most of the earlier seasons, but didn't think it was fantastic. I'm not at all into the whole ridiculous obsession with vampires. I really think the appeal is with really young people with low standards who get big thrills out of watching the sex scenes. Such a disappointment that this is what Anna Paquin ended up pursuing after she seemed to have such a promising future.

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This Episode has Ruined the Series, 3 November 2012

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That someone who has spent so many years being tortured and turned by terrorists -- especially someone in the military -- would confess because crying Cary tells him she's in love with him is beyond ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is that he will instantly be let loose and expected to be loyal to the CIA now. Claire Danes' acting has been absolutely brilliant in this program, but I can't watch another episode. Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes carried this series, which, up to this point, was excellent. Also, combined with the above, I'm really tired of the additional time spent lately with the horrible acting of the posey, pursed-lipped actress who plays the wife and the even more terrible acting of the actress who plays the sneering daughter. Their poor performances have detracted from what was such a good show. So disappointed.