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l movies I have watched, from best to worst, imho.

Weekly Update:
(8/10) We Need to Talk About Kevin, 2011
(8/10) The Commitments, 1991


(6/10) The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946
(6/10) After the Wedding, 2006
(6/10) The Raid 2, 2014
(6/10) Peking Opera Blues, 1986
(5/10) Café de Flore, 2011
(5/10) Balibo, 2009
(4/10) If Only, 2004
(4/10) Planes, Trains & Automobiles, 1987

List recommendation (default list order):
(9/10) 1-67,
(8/10) 68-649,
(7/10) 650-2078


Short list :
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Some of my favourite movies, which have less than 25000 votes.
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US Deep South representation, modern and contemporary periods.
Feel free to recommend any other good movie.

NB: I have included films with sets at the periphery of the Deep South, more a matter of look and atmosphere than geography. Thanks for the comments.
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Some directors and actresses did a wonderful job in depicting and incarnating women you would better not fall in love with.
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Here is my personal ranking of the latest Spy movies coming from France.
Only about spies and spy games, no lone assassins killing for states, no undercover cops, no French Resistants,...
Comedies and antics are out.
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