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List of more than 200 movies and shows that will help get you and your family of all ages into the Halloween spirit.
Some movies on the list are a little edgier than others.
I have read the comments and agree some of the movies didn't fit. Those movies have been removed and added the suggested movies to the list. Have also moved the movies for older kids to the end of the list and moved movies appropriate for younger kids to the top. Thanks for your comments.
None of the movies on the list are rated R.
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List of my Favorite Christmas movies and specials.
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Best horror movies ever made from the classics to the most recent horror gems. This is a list that all horror fans should watch at least once. There are a few on this list that are not enjoyable but was too disturbing to finish.
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List of my fav sports movies.
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This is a list of movies and tv shows with football themes.
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This is a list of the 100 best comic book based movies.
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Baseball season is here so I put together list of what I can remember as being 40 baseball movies that I have seen. Top 15 I feel any baseball fan would like. After that its hard to say. But I have enjoyed each of them in there own way.