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Red Eye (2005)
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First ever thriller for me was great, 23 February 2014

A confession here: This is the first thriller I have ever seen in my life so I'll admit from the get go that I may not be the best critic; I have nothing really to compare this movie to. I saw it for the first time ever last November (2013) sort of by accident while flipping channels and I couldn't stop watching.

The suspense was incredible! I tuned in at the part where Jackson and Lisa were seated together on the plane, right when he revealed to her his part in the plan to kill the Homeland Security guy, and that Lisa must cooperate for her father to live.

Rachel McAdams was both attractive in appearance and sensational in performance. The suspense escalated from one scene to another and I was immediately hooked. I've seen it about once a month since then and am ready to do so again real soon.

I love the final scene when she tells the complaining guests at the hotel what to do with the comment card!

Rudy (1993)
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A great example of passion and pursuing your dreams, 20 November 2012

OK, a few scenes I liked: the scene with the walk-on tryouts where the assistant coach tells them they can expect to get pounded on by the first teamers, and nobody cares whether they get hurt or not. Also during Rudy's senior year, the background music and late autumn scenes were both breathtaking, yet with the realization that time was running out on Rudy's last season and his last chance to play. Finally, it was neat to see how the other players gradually came to appreciate Rudy for his stick-to-itiveness, to the point where each of the starters asked Coach Divine to let Rudy dress in their place. Only problem with that: in real life it never happened that way. Coach Divine had every intention to let Rudy play and was rather angry that the movie portrayed him otherwise. Still though, it added to the drama.

My favorite scene of all is when Fortune (Charles Dutton)encourages Rudy to go to his final practice because if he doesn't, he'll regret it for the rest of his life, "letting them get the best of you".

My only criticism is with the excessive profanity coming from Rudy's friend at Holy Cross. I try not to let a few bad words bother me, but when it's excessive and really adds nothing whatsoever to the story. I mean, really, how would this movie have been any worse without the friend's repeated use of "G..D.."? Without those scenes, this movie is a 10.

Overall, very inspiring, even if you're not a football fan.

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Suspense-filled action film great for the whole family, 6 October 2012

This movie is kind of sort of a combination of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "The Amazing Race". You may find yourself asking, "Who has the Declaration now?" or "Where's the next clue?" The whole family can enjoy it--kudos to Disney for mild and limited profanity and no nudity, which proves you don't need those things to have a great movie.

Granted, parts of it are very unrealistic, especially stealing the Declaration of Independence, but let's remember that this is a movie, and a little entertainment is what it's all about. Cage and Kruger are both attractive and work very well together. Ian (Sean Bean) is probably the most interesting character. Clearly he's the main antagonist, but he impresses me as more clever than anything else, and only wants to "borrow" the Declaration rather than steal it. And Riley's (Barta) dry humor is enjoyed throughout.

Highly entertaining, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seats.

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A great movie if you need some silliness once in a while, 4 October 2012

An empty Coke bottle, a scientist who's extremely awkward with women, and a terrorist group. They all come together in this delightful South African film.

OK, not very realistic, granted, but then when was slapstick comedy ever supposed to be?

If you need a movie to simply watch to get your thoughts off your struggles at work, home, wherever, and especially if you want a movie that you don't want to take seriously, this is the one for you.

An African bushman, while trying to throw an empty Coke bottle off the edge of the supposedly flat earth, encounters a scientist who is having one awkward moment after another with the new school teacher. After he accidentally drops her in the lake, they have to spend the night alone. Then to make matters worse, his jeep gets caught high up in a tree! No wonder the bushman thinks that "the gods must be crazy"!

They eventually join forces unintentionally to save the school children from a terrorist and his gang. Then there's the two gang members and their non-stop game of cards!

Don't take this movie seriously! And don't give up on it after the first 10 minutes either! It appears at first to be a Nat Geo documentary, but stay with it and just enjoy it, and realize how crazy we all are at times!

Miracle (2004)
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Historically accurate and put in good context, 30 September 2012

Even if you're not a sports fan you can appreciate this movie for being historically accurate. Compared to other sports movies, this one and "Hoosiers" are the two best ever made.

It begins with scenes from the 70's and they do a great job throughout pointing out the Iran hostage crisis, gasoline shortages and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, yet not to the point where any of those things are overdone.

I wish they would've shown more of the gold medal game against Finland, but the movie was already long enough and it might have taken away from the drama of beating the Soviets.

As for other things, Kurt Russell is excellent as Coach Brooks. My favorite scenes with him are the "Great Moments" speech and when he tells the team of the Russian style of play and how they can play with them by attacking rather than defending.

And I love the fact that they got a small clip of the famous Mean Joe Greene Coke Commercial, which in fact came out at that time, the fall of 1979.

The outcome is predictable, since we all know who won, but in spite of that, this movie has plenty of drama and suspense. Finally, this is also a family friendly movie--no excessive profanity or sexual scenes. Definitely a "10" in my book.

This movie dares to address the issues, 10 September 2012

Peer pressure, drinking, teen sex, abortion, suicide, family problems, even kids at school who need a friend--this movie addresses all these things and does a pretty good job in doing so.

WARNING: This is a Christian movie with the intention of showing us the positive and life-changing results when we make a commitment to Christ. If that is not your thing,you will be disappointed. For committed Christians, a warning for you as well: If you are bothered by the subject matter, some mild profanity, some passionate kissing and sexuality in general--though no nudity--this movie may not be for you. Either way, you have all been forewarned.

One thing I liked tremendously was that all these things were happening to Jake at the same time, or soon after he had given up his old lifestyle of drinking and being the cool kid at school, and had turned his life over to God. I love the fact that this movie brings out the reality that just because you're a Christian does not exempt you from the trials of life.

Yes, a great movie to show to your church youth group, so long as both parents and teens are aware of the subject matter. This movie dares to address the issues of the day facing teens.

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some good things, but no plot, 2 September 2012

After 20 years, it's high time to write a quick review of this movie.

The photography alone saves this movie from being a complete disaster. Simply put, I honestly cannot find a plot. I think of Mark Twain in "Huck Finn" where he tells us not to find a plot or we should be shot--however Twain put it. This movie must be what Twain had in mind! In fact, as we left the theatre, a small kid summed it up perfectly: "That was a stupid, stupid movie".

However, if you like fly fishing, if you're a Robert Redford or Brad Pitt fan you may think differently. And watch it on the big screen--the photography is spectacular! Just don't look for a plot or for anything significant to happen.

The Rookie (2002)
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Balancing family, work and pursuing your dreams, 2 September 2012

My only criticism of this movie is that it's a bit long, as they try to fit two stories into one. Would've been fairly easy to make an entire movie of the first half--a baseball coach who inspires his under- achieving team to rally and win district, then an entirely different movie of the second half--a 30-something science teacher giving himself one last chance to make the big leagues.

For me, this movie is right up there with other great sports movies, such as Hoosiers, Miracle, and Chariots of Fire. Perhaps not quite at that level, but the story is great and definitely inspiring. Even if you're not a baseball fan, you can appreciate the emphasis this movie puts on the realities and pressures that families face every day in balancing work and taking care of the kids. And I love that they bring out the challenges of minor league baseball--long bus rides, very little income, and away from family for months at a time.

My favorite scene is after Jim finishes his tryout and is walking back to his truck, the scout comes up to tell him that he, although almost twice the other kids' age, actually threw 98 mph. The scout tells Jim that if he doesn't call it in he's gonna get fired and that Jim can expect to get a phone call. Just wish he'd throw away the dirty diaper!

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Worst movie in last 20 years, 31 August 2012

Not sure why I'm commenting on this movie after almost 20 years, maybe I'm finally done gagging over it.

OK, the idea isn't bad--trying to imagine how things would be if Jesus were to have come today instead of 2000 years ago. But the production, acting, editing, etc, etc--a whole other story!

Please accept my apologies on behalf of all Bible-believing Christians. The gospel message is indeed "the greatest story ever told" and this movie does not change that. I'll be the first to admit that Christian movies in general have a long way to go when it comes to acting, editing, etc, etc, but this movie is a downright embarrassment. Please don't let this movie turn you off from the Christian faith.

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Even guys might like this one!, 31 August 2012

A guy's perspective here. Even though I hate almost all chick flicks and Christmas love stories, I absolutely love this movie! My wife was watching it last December and I was immediately hooked. I bought the DVD for her as a Christmas gift and I now find myself watching it over and over again.

Jen, a single mom and successful business woman, is stressed out over the Christmas rush, and it doesn't help that her super rich but boring boyfriend, Richard, and his parents are expecting her to prepare an extravagant turkey dinner for all of them. Meanwhile, her uncle Ralph, while flying out to see Jen and her son Brian, meets a stranger, Morgan, and convinces Jen to let him spend the night in her home along with Ralph and Brian.

Morgan turns out to be the Jack of all trades--getting Ralph into first class, helping Jen with the Christmas lights, irritating her pesky neighbor, relating wonderfully with Brian, showing Jen how to cook the turkey and at the same time how to enjoy Christmas. He even challenges the grumpy store owner to a duel in the alley in order to get the perfect gift for Brian. Through Ralph's clever manipulating, Morgan ends up staying another night--just long enough to force Jen into having to decide between Morgan and Richard.

My only criticism is that they probably overdo the Santa Claus thing with Brian. Not sure why a kid can't enjoy Christmas to its fullest even after knowing Santa isn't real, but other than that, this is a wonderful, delightful Christmas movie.

Plenty of humor and definitely a romantic theme, but not so much that guys can't enjoy it. This is more about how to enjoy the holiday season, and it doesn't hurt having Henry Winkler, plus the fact that Brooke Burns is so good looking.