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This movie is brilliant, 29 March 2013

Coming from a real Broadway nerd, I usually prefer to watch the musical on stage than on the screen but not this one! This movie was absolutely brilliant. My favorite part about this movie was that the actors were singing live. This was a great way to see the raw talent from these incredible actors. Hugh Jackman was phenomenal and carried this movie the whole as well as Anne Hathaway. Anne put her heart and soul into the Fantine character. I could feel her every emotion right in my seat. The rest of the cast was really good! Excluding a few actor/actresses, (which will remain nameless) everyone could sing pretty well. I would recommend this movie to anyone... Even people who don't like musicals will enjoy this movie!

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this show is addicting!!!!, 2 November 2012

Probably one of the best shows on television! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing! The cast is absolutely brilliant. It truly a story about good vs. evil. Just about when you think that you know your fairy tales... you don't. Eddie and Adam put a brilliant twist on the classic fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. You can answers to questions like "How did Grumpy become Grumpy?" "What made the evil queen hate Snow White so much?" and "How did the man in the mirror get stuck with the evil queen?" My favorite character (personally) is Regina/Evil Queen, with Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin as a close second. Truly amazing evil villains in this show! If you love Lost, you will love this show! Just brilliant!