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List contains only the names of films I have seen.
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Every lover of good cinema must see these outstanding, great, awesome, and good movies and revisit them after some time.
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Okay... I agree. Nothing in the world can be termed PERFECT. Thing can be good to great... poor to crap... less perfect or almost perfect. So is the case with films.

I consider these great films to be almost perfect. Although I hate ranking movies, if you ask me to rate my most favourite films on a scale from 1 to 10, I am sure that not a single films of this list will get less than nine.

Even a perfect film can have a few shortcomings here and there but its effect and place on world cinema is tremendous. It is engrossing, even, haunting in a manner that you return to it once in a while.

The list includes films of all genres, though drama rules all lists of 'almost perfect' films.