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"Saved" (2006)
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Amazing!, 18 July 2006

Now, when I first heard of "Saved", I thought great, another doctor/hospital show. But it isn't! For once they show the point of view from the Paramedics, who have just as an important of a job. Saved doesn't only follow the life of Wyatt, the gambler with family issues, but the others from the staff. There's Wyatt's partner who is trying to get his son into a very prestigious school on a Paramedics salary. There's also two other partners who couldn't be more opposite. One a soft, loving Christian man, the other a tough, hardworking woman . It's also original in the way they shoot things. Whenever the paramedics go to save someone, it shows flashbacks of that persons life. "Saved" is a very original, entertaining series. I really hope they continue with more seasons.

It's amazing!!!!, 16 December 2005

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an AMAZING movie. So far it's the best this year. Ever scene kept you in a trance. This movie was exactly like the book. There were only 2 minor parts that weren't in the book, but everything that was in the book, was in the movie. It's the closest I think a movie can get to the book. The actors and actresses that starred in the movie were excellent. They had amazing graphics, and the scenes containing the war being fought were wonderful. The movie flowed well, and wasn't choppy. You didn't get lost and they explained everything that you needed to know. This film included humor, suspense, and sadness. Pretty much everything. You'll laugh, gasp, and cry all at the same time. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an AMAZING film, made for everyone of all ages.

Cursed (2005)
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This movie was awesome!, 21 June 2005

As you see in my summary, I think this movie is awesome. At first I wasn't too sure, but then I watched it and I loved it. People think that it's supposed to be this scary movie, and it might be classified as that, but it isn't scary, and I don't think it was made to be scary. It is really funny, because usually in "scary movies" there is no humor. But in this film, I was laughing all of the time. I thought it was hilarious when the werewolf flicked Ellie off, things like that are supposed to make you laugh. I also love it because in the beginning you think it's this person, than you change to another person and you keep in guessing until they finally reveal who the werewolf is. I loved this movie. I especially loved Jimmy. Even before he straightened his hair, I thought he was adorable. Anyway, this is a really good movie. Don't always believe what other people say. Just watch the film and you can see for yourself.

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Very good, 18 June 2005

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Gracie Hart's boyfriend Matthew breaks up with her, which pretty much crushes her. So, she goes to her boss and accepts to be the new face of the bureau. She goes on shows and all of that jazz, and in the mean time becomes some what snooty. She goes to Nevada where she has to do a publicity thing, when she finds out her friend (Miss America) was kidnapped along with Stan. Of course Gracie wants to go undercover and find out where her friends are, but the bureau in Nevada won't let her. So Gracie goes undercover anyway, causing a typical mess, but getting closer and closer to the truth. This movie was really good. It's really funny. Sandra is her good old wacky self. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Fall Into Darkness (1996) (TV)
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Really good..., 14 June 2005

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Fall into Darkness is a really good movie, but its an even better book. Fall into Darkness is about how Ann Price's brother Jerry dies from shooting himself in the head. Ann believes that it is Sharon McKay's (her supposedly best friend) fault because Jerry loved Sharon, and Sharon didn't respond how Ann wanted to her to. So Ann comes up with a plan to set Sharon up for Ann's death. It's a really good movie (Chad is really cute, at least I think so), but like I said before, the books are even better (but of course, the books are usually better than the movie). I liked this movie because it's showing you what hate can do to you. In the book, there is more detail and you get to know the character's better too. Anyway, this movie is definitely worth watching.