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Oscar (1991)
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One of the best comedies I have ever seen, 24 November 2004

This is maybe one of the best comedies I have seen. The whole story is nothing much, but the actors made it it unforgettable. The thing that makes this movie so good is the cast, the actors are really perfectly chosen and they play it really well. There isn't a one single actor who doesn't play good in this movie. Well if you expect Stalone to shoot out crates of ammo, then you will be disappointed. This is the movie that made me realize that Sylvester Stalone can act not just shoot. With two words this is a movie to make you laugh. Tip: if you have a heart condition you probably shouldn't watch this movie without some medical personal attending.(your heart may burst from laughing)

Emma (1996)
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Not good, 21 June 2004

Now to tell the truth I am a very big fan of Jane Austin. I have read and re-read her books at least a couple of times each. And I have in my mind a picture of how the character should look and act according to Austin's books. And it ain't this. In the movie Emma is portrayed by the worst possible actor for this kind of role. If you haven't read the book you will get a really bad idea about Emma Woodhouse. Also Mr.Knightley is not good. First of all he looks too young. He is supposed to be a mature and mentally supperior to everybody else including the main heroine. He is her mentor. But in the movie he look like a young pupy, he looked younger than Emma. Not to mention that he played like it. So with two words bad adaptation of a really wonderful classic book.

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Bad adaptation, 21 June 2004

I will say that if you are a Jane Austin fan, because you have read her books. Then just go take your time and read them again instead of watching this film. The words "based on" are really just based on. It means that the main characters are the same as in the book, but they don't act like it. It is very different and the center of attention has been moved. It has nothing in common with the book. Although admittedly I do have to say that some of the actors are pretty good. But the script is really .......(I just don't have enough words to describe it). So if you want a Jane Austin movie go read the book. If you just want to kill time and see a not bad movie than do see it.