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Has Little to Nothing to Do With Its Title, 14 December 2009

There is a great deal of information in this movie, some of it fascinating. On the other hand, it is, for the most part, not what the title actually tells us it's going to be. And, at that, one of the longest film clips is Elizabeth Taylor chewing Egyptian scenery at Rex Harrison, and she certainly wasn't playing a librarian at the time. The film has no framework. It isn't just that it isn't really talking about librarians in Hollywood. It's that it goes all over the place, from Andrew Carnegie to the PATRIOT Act. Any of these topics could have made a good documentary. This one isn't it.

Now, if you're going to get anyone to talk about the importance of books and libraries, Ray Bradbury's a good place to start, especially since his classic book about censorship was written at a rented library typewriter. (Lo, these many years ago, when there were typewriters!) And it's neat to know that Katharine Hepburn's sister was a librarian. It's just that neither of those really have anything to do with film except tangentially.

Also, and this may just be the copy I have, it seems that it was put into fullscreen by just cutting off the edges. There is literally no place in the film where text on the screen is entirely, well, on screen.