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The Park Bench (2014/II)
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Unbelievable, 28 November 2015

I was almost halfway through this film before I noticed there was virtually no mise-en-scène. Take that is a high compliment.

I found myself asking if I could have come up with the budget for this film. It's a fun concept that never fails to intrigue!

The place setting comes alive solely through the narrative, and live it does. Awesome! Actors, words, a little lighting. Millions are spent to bring huge films to screen, but then a little gem like this comes along and says "Hey, why all the fuss? Tell a story."

Unpredictability is not the gold standard in film. Story telling is. Okay - I get it's not epic cinema, and doesn't come with a surprise twist ending - but the essence of what film strives to be is present and delivered.

Sooner or Later (1979) (TV)
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truth in every scene, 20 June 2004

Every girl alive can relate to this movie. If you were a young woman in the 1970's even more so but it holds up beautifully as well because it rings so TRUE. Denise Miller was amazing in her role and just bang on with the feelings and reactions of girls the world over and Rex Smith was just yummy and perfectly cast as well. I didn't particularly LIKE the actors playing her parents but I even really liked them in these roles, very much so. Everybody did a great job. It's so true, so funny and cute and just a great movie I can watch it again and again and the sound track is GREAT too. I was a young woman taking guitar lessons in the mid-1970s constantly madly in love with the long-haired guitar playing boy of the week - so I can really relate to this movie but I think all girls can just as easily. It's a very warm and sincere movie that always gets to me. The cake-eating scene is done with such raw truth, I'm just in awe of the job that Denise did in so many scenes, I couldn't possibly name them all.

10 out of 10 for the TRUTH that it portrays so beautifully throughout.

Kim (1984) (TV)
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Beautifully cast, acted and filmed, 20 June 2004

Ravi Sheth did an amazing job in the role of Kim in this WONDERFUL remake of an old B&W movie from 1950. I've seen the old B&W version but I MUCH prefer this one. The authenticity of the boy is central to making this movie really come alive and with Ravi this is achieved beautifully. Ravi and Peter O'Toole were so perfect in their roles and their scenes together are just magical. Bryan Brown also shone brightly in his role, very much fun to watch such great work by actors that look like they're enjoying themselves so much, I love when that happens on film. The original was a good movie, but this remake is an instant classic and these dusty characters were very much brought to life by these tremendous performances. Also the cinematography is very lovely and enchanting - some shots will just make you hold your breath, so beautifully framed are they, look for them and enjoy!

This one is HARD to find on video in the States. I first saw it while living in London in the mid 80s when it came out and I just loved it. I did manage to rent it in Phoenix once tho to show my brother, so it was out there at least at that time (mid 90s) so persevere and you may get lucky. If you can get hold of a copy of this version, definitely give it a try with young or old. The original may be hard for the young to follow, but this version is brought to life to such a higher degree that I find it much easier to follow the action. It's great for the whole family, it's riveting and beautifully acted and a classic in it's own right. You can watch it a dozen times and still get more and more out of it, that is why I recommend buying instead of renting if you are lucky enough to find a copy.

The only thing that makes it bearable that Ravi didn't continue acting is knowing that he's done so well for himself in real life and seems very happy. Still - for movie fans, the loss of his natural and charismatic acting is missed in all the films he wasn't in because he had a more important real life to get on with.

10 out of 10

The Goodbye Girl (2004) (TV)
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THE worst movie ever made (That I've seen), 20 June 2004

Acting classes or anyone who simply wants to appreciate good acting more should watch this HORRIBLE remake of a classic and perfect movie and then watch the original... or the other way around, it really makes no difference. They'll understand something fundamental like it hit them over the head and learn it in a way they'll never forget. Only I couldn't really say it was worth the sick feeling you'll get watching this one.

This movie is worse than bad, worse than horrible, it's downright painful to watch, even for a few seconds. While I'm sure it's not THE worst movie ever made, I am quite certain it's the worst movie I've ever seen personally. Everyone involved in it should be embarrassed beyond belief.

I didn't have strong feelings about anyone in this movie before hand at all, (well OK I never liked that girl) but after having seen it, if I never saw or even heard anyone in this movie on the screen again, it would be too soon. YUCK.

0 out of 10