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Starting with the 8-rated films, in alphabetical order.
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These are films that I enjoyed to a good degree, not highly recommendable, but somewhat recommendable. Quite an eclectic bunch of films. One thumb up.
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Yes I am Cancer and yes we are awesome! ;)

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These are films that I felt had some things going for them, but generally fall just short, most usually due to a lack of creativity and/or originality or just not interesting enough. A few of them should be worth checking out though. Thumbs sideways.
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Films that I found to be under average, seriously lacking in the entertainment/enjoyment factor. Generally speaking, it would be my personal suggestion that you watch something else. At least one thumb down.
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Ooof! Whats that smell?? Oh its the films on this list haha...These are just some of the worst films I've ever seen. That may be a bit harsh on one or two of the better made ones, but at any rate I personally certainly won't be re-watching them any time soon if not ever. Two thumbs emphatically down.
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Don't think any one has done this...

Series that have been broadcast on the [adult swim] channel (some of these appeared on the channel but arent actually made by AS people.)