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My top 14 superhero films.

I do not mean this to be an objective list by any means, and there are certainly good superhero films I have seen that didn't make my list; it's just that they did not resonate with me as much as those that did make my list. I have a strong bias towards Spider-Man and Superman, but do not have any preference for DC or Marvel as a whole; I enjoy each movie on its own merits.
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This is a list of my personal favorite TV series. This is an entirely subjective list, and I tend to favor Sci-Fi and Fantasy series.

Note: My favorite series include sci-fi and fantasy epics, sitcoms, a few high-quality animation shows, and other scripted TV shows. I did not include talk shows or game shows, although I'm a huge fan of both The Late Late Show and Match Game. This list is for series with plotlines, character arcs, and all that good stuff. I also did not include shows in which I have only seen a handful of episodes. For most of the shows listed I've seen every episode. Some sitcoms I've seen the majority of episodes, but haven't necessarily watched the entire show in order from beginning to end.
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This list contains all of the officially numbered feature "Classic" films Disney has released. Disney maintains these numbered films, so personal opinion cannot just add or remove films from the list based on popularity.

This list does not include the Disney/Pixar films (such as Finding Nemo or Inside Out), nor does it include the many Direct-to-Video sequels (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, for instance) produced by Disney over the years.

I've divided the Disney films into 8 Distinct Eras:

The Golden Age: These are Walt Disney's first 5 feature films, and are undisputed classics that remain an essential part of the legacy of animation.

The Package Era: These 6 films feature a combination of shorter "packaged" animated features that lack the staying power of the more feature quality pictures, and although very entertaining, they are largely forgotten when compared to Disney's earlier and later classics.

The Silver Age: These 5 films bring Disney back to center stage, ending with Sleeping Beauty, a distinct stylized masterpiece.

The Transition Era: Some might call these 3 films part of the Silver Age, but they have a distinct look that sets them apart (due to a lower budget and the new Xerox animation process). These films were the last to have Walt Disney's direct impact, with The Jungle Book being the final film in this era.

The Bronze Age: Also, known as the "Dark Ages" of Disney Animation. Hey, just because it's the Dark Ages, does not mean these 8 films are lacking in quality, they just lack in cultural impact when compared to earlier and later films. I happen to love The Black Cauldron and many films in this period, so there!

The Disney Renaissance: Although Oliver & Company was pretty awesome and made a pretty penny, it was The Little Mermaid in 1989 that really made a splash, kicking off the fantastic Disney Renaissance where Disney pumped out hit after hit, reinvigorating its classic animation legacy. Sadly, this Renaissance came to an end with the phenomenal Tarzan in 1999.

The Post-Renaissance Era: These Disney films are a mix of hand-drawn and computer-generated films, many (such as Treasure Planet) use both techniques. However, I'd still qualify Treasure Planet as a classic animation title that only happens to use some CG, much like Tarzan. In this "Post-Renaissance Era," Disney gradually moved further away from traditional hand-drawn animation and fairy tales in favor of computer-generated movies. This era could also be seen as a Second Dark Age Disney, with a few standout releases, but a definite step down from the previous batch of Renaissance Disney films.

The Revival Era: Much like The Little Mermaid heralded the beginning of the Disney Renaissance nearly two decades prior, The Princess and the Frog signaled a revival of sorts in Disney Animation. This era, like the Post-Renaissance era, also features a mixture of hand-drawn and computer-generated films. And although Disney is still relying more on CG films, there has been a definite shift in focus—fairy tales like The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen have come back in style, and are made along with modern classics like Big Hero 6 and Zootopia. I still think it's time for a bigger revival of hand-drawn animation, even though there is much to love and admire about computer animation. Something along the lines of a Second Disney Renaissance would be nice. Oh, to dream...
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My favorite science fiction TV series! The top 5 are fantastic and in a league of their own. All 13 series are entertaining, inventive, and interesting in their own right.
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The Top 5 are in order of my absolute favorites. Spots 6 through 21 can pretty much be rearranged in any order depending on my mood or what song I've just listened to. I listed singular artists instead of bands because I wanted to acknowledge each person as an artist in their own right. For instance, John Lennon's solo career is absolutely phenomenal and I actually prefer many of his songs to most of the Beatles music.

Each of these artists is unique and brilliant in their own right. I've listed my absolute favorite tunes for each artist on the list as well. Most importantly, they all can write their own material! A good singer/songwriter combination beats a plain "singer" any day of the week. All of them have done cover songs, but all are most well known for their original material. These artists range from deeply emotional to spiritual to feel-good to completely breathtaking.
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My favorite 'hand-drawn' animated films. This list does not include modern CG animation or anime films. Both of those are genres in their own right. The films on this list range from Classic to Renaissance Disney, with some Don Bluth films and other remarkable hand-drawn masterpieces. This is a highly subjective list, and several movies I include such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, and The Black Cauldron are in my opinion highly underrated gems of animation. Although not included, honorable mentions go to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and An American Tail.
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My Ranking of the 17 Pixar films. I absolutely love 5 of the Pixar films (Finding Nemo, Up, Toy Story 2, Toy Story, and A Bug's Life). I also have a soft spot for WALL-E and Toy Story 3.
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This list is entirely subjective and represents actors who have been in my absolute favorite films. The top 5 are mostly interchangeable, although Harrison Ford will always remain at the top of my list. :)