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Extremely humorous, 25 October 2005

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I found this movie quite entertaining. My initial expectation was not so good, but this B movie proved otherwise. I saw this because I am a fan of Kate Mulgrew and I must admit, this was the first comedy I have seen with her in a starring role. She is quite funny in trying to portray herself as fat and ugly. She exaggerates quite a bit especially in her opening scene.

A brief synopsis: Kate plays the wife of a car part salesman. After finding out that her husband is interested in a model, she decides to get even. She follows this model to a weight loss spa where she schemes her revenge...

This movie was released directly to video. I found it on Amazon. I highly recommend it for other Kate Mulgrew fans.

Lovespell (1981)
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An unique 1979 Irish classic, 19 June 2004

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This movie is one of the better love-tragedy stories I have seen in a while. The movie recently came out on DVD and my mom told me she remembered when it came out and did not get a chance to go see it. She enjoyed it also.

A brief synopsis (spoiler)of Lovespell. Set it 9th century Ireland and based on an old legend, King Mark of Cornwall, Richard Burton, falls in love with Isolt, a very young Kate Mulgrew, while visiting her home in the Irish countryside. Mark sends his trusted nephew, Tristan, Nickolas Clay, to Isolt for her to heal Tristan and marry Mark. However, Isolt falls in love with Tristan. The movie ends in tragedy.

I am a big Kate Mulgrew fan and I enjoyed her in Lovespell. This movie is a must-see for Kate Mulgrew fans.